Proceedings – Main Conference

HRI ’15- Proceedings of the Tenth Annual ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction

SESSION: Keynote Address

Design Everything by Yourself

  • Takeo Igarashi

SESSION: Session A: Designing Robots for Everyday Interaction

  • Mark Neerincx

Design and Evaluation of a Peripheral Robotic Conversation Companion

  • Guy Hoffman
  • Oren Zuckerman
  • Gilad Hirschberger
  • Michal Luria
  • Tal Shani Sherman

Mechanical Ottoman: How Robotic Furniture Offers and Withdraws Support

  • David Sirkin
  • Brian Mok
  • Stephen Yang
  • Wendy Ju

Communicating Directionality in Flying Robots

  • Daniel Szafir
  • Bilge Mutlu
  • Terry Fong

The Privacy-Utility Tradeoff for Remotely Teleoperated Robots

  • Daniel J. Butler
  • Justin Huang
  • Franziska Roesner
  • Maya Cakmak

SESSION: Session B: Robot Motion

  • Andrea Thomaz

May I help you?: Design of Human-like Polite Approaching Behavior

  • Yusuke Kato
  • Takayuki Kanda
  • Hiroshi Ishiguro

Robot Form and Motion Influences Social Attention

  • Alvin X. Li
  • Maria Florendo
  • Luke E. Miller
  • Hiroshi Ishiguro
  • Ayse P. Saygin

Effects of Robot Motion on Human-Robot Collaboration

  • Anca D. Dragan
  • Shira Bauman
  • Jodi Forlizzi
  • Siddhartha S. Srinivasa

SESSION: Session C: Robots & Children

  • Selma Šabanović

Escaping from Children’s Abuse of Social Robots

  • Drazen Brscić
  • Hiroyuki Kidokoro
  • Yoshitaka Suehiro
  • Takayuki Kanda

The Robot Who Tried Too Hard: Social Behaviour of a Robot Tutor Can Negatively Affect Child Learning

  • James Kennedy
  • Paul Baxter
  • Tony Belpaeme

Emotional Storytelling in the Classroom: Individual versus Group Interaction between Children and Robots

  • Iolanda Leite
  • Marissa McCoy
  • Monika Lohani
  • Daniel Ullman
  • Nicole Salomons
  • Charlene Stokes
  • Susan Rivers
  • Brian Scassellati

When Children Teach a Robot to Write: An Autonomous Teachable Humanoid Which Uses Simulated Handwriting

  • Deanna Hood
  • Séverin Lemaignan
  • Pierre Dillenbourg

Can Children Catch Curiosity from a Social Robot?

  • Goren Gordon
  • Cynthia Breazeal
  • Susan Engel

Comparing Models of Disengagement in Individual and Group Interactions

  • Iolanda Leite
  • Marissa McCoy
  • Daniel Ullman
  • Nicole Salomons
  • Brian Scassellati

SESSION: Keynote Address

Of Robots, Humans, Bodies and Intelligence: Body Languages for Human Robot Interaction

  • Antonio Bicchi

SESSION: Session D: Perceptions of Robots

  • Guy Hoffman

Rabble of Robots Effects: Number and Form of Robots Modulates Attitudes, Emotions, and Stereotypes

  • Marlena R. Fraune
  • Steven Sherrin
  • Selma Sabanović
  • Eliot R. Smith

Sacrifice One For the Good of Many?: People Apply Different Moral Norms to Human and Robot Agents

  • Bertram F. Malle
  • Matthias Scheutz
  • Thomas Arnold
  • John Voiklis
  • Corey Cusimano

Poor Thing! Would You Feel Sorry for a Simulated Robot?: A comparison of empathy toward a physical and a simulated robot

  • Stela H. Seo
  • Denise Geiskkovitch
  • Masayuki Nakane
  • Corey King
  • James E. Young

Observer Perception of Dominance and Mirroring Behavior in Human-Robot Relationships

  • Jamy Li
  • Wendy Ju
  • Cliff Nass

SESSION: Session E: Robots as Social Agents

  • Tony Belpaeme

Would You Trust a (Faulty) Robot?: Effects of Error, Task Type and Personality on Human-Robot Cooperation and Trust

  • Maha Salem
  • Gabriella Lakatos
  • Farshid Amirabdollahian
  • Kerstin Dautenhahn

Moderating a Robot’s Ability to Influence People Through its Level of Sociocontextual Interactivity

  • Sonja Caraian
  • Nathan Kirchner
  • Peter Colborne-Veel

Effects of Culture on the Credibility of Robot Speech: A Comparison between English and Arabic

  • Sean Andrist
  • Micheline Ziadee
  • Halim Boukaram
  • Bilge Mutlu
  • Majd Sakr

Evidence that Robots Trigger a Cheating Detector in Humans

  • Alexandru Litoiu
  • Daniel Ullman
  • Jason Kim
  • Brian Scassellati

Will People Keep the Secret of a Humanoid Robot?: Psychological Intimacy in HRI

  • Peter H. Kahn, Jr.
  • Takayuki Kanda
  • Hiroshi Ishiguro
  • Brian T. Gill
  • Solace Shen
  • Heather E. Gary
  • Jolina H. Ruckert

Robot Presence and Human Honesty: Experimental Evidence

  • Guy Hoffman
  • Jodi Forlizzi
  • Shahar Ayal
  • Aaron Steinfeld
  • John Antanitis
  • Guy Hochman
  • Eric Hochendoner
  • Justin Finkenaur

SESSION: Session F: Human-Robot Teams

  • James E. Young

Efficient Model Learning from Joint-Action Demonstrations for Human-Robot Collaborative Tasks

  • Stefanos Nikolaidis
  • Ramya Ramakrishnan
  • Keren Gu
  • Julie Shah

Bounds of Neglect Benevolence in Input Timing for Human Interaction with Robotic Swarms

  • Sasanka Nagavalli
  • Shih-Yi Chien
  • Michael Lewis
  • Nilanjan Chakraborty
  • Katia Sycara

Interactive Hierarchical Task Learning from a Single Demonstration

  • Anahita Mohseni-Kabir
  • Charles Rich
  • Sonia Chernova
  • Candace L. Sidner
  • Daniel Miller

How Robot Verbal Feedback Can Improve Team Performance in Human-Robot Task Collaborations

  • Aaron St. Clair
  • Maja Mataric

OPTIMo: Online Probabilistic Trust Inference Model for Asymmetric Human-Robot Collaborations

  • Anqi Xu
  • Gregory Dudek

Using Robots to Moderate Team Conflict: The Case of Repairing Violations

  • Malte F. Jung
  • Nikolas Martelaro
  • Pamela J. Hinds

Face the Music and Glance: How Nonverbal Behaviour Aids Human Robot Relationships Based in Music

  • Louis McCallum
  • Peter W. McOwan

SESSION: Keynote Address

Chasing Our Science Fiction Future

  • Daniel H. Wilson

SESSION: Session G: Multi-modal Capabilities

  • Yukie Nagai

Shaking Hands and Cooperation in Tele-present Human-Robot Negotiation

  • Chris Bevan
  • Danaë Stanton Fraser

Speech and Gesture Emphasis Effects for Robotic and Human Communicators: A Direct Comparison

  • Paul Bremner
  • Ute Leonards

Haptic Human-Robot Affective Interaction in a Handshaking Social Protocol

  • Mehdi Ammi
  • Virginie Demulier
  • Sylvain Caillou
  • Yoren Gaffary
  • Yacine Tsalamlal
  • Jean-Claude Martin
  • Adriana Tapus

Embodied Collaborative Referring Expression Generation in Situated Human-Robot Interaction

  • Rui Fang
  • Malcolm Doering
  • Joyce Y. Chai

Bringing the Scene Back to the Tele-operator: Auditory Scene Manipulation for Tele-presence Systems

  • Chaoran Liu
  • Carlos T. Ishi
  • Hiroshi Ishiguro

Environment Perception in the Presence of Kinesthetic or Tactile Guidance Virtual Fixtures

  • Samuel B. Schorr
  • Zhan Fan Quek
  • William R. Provancher
  • Allison M. Okamura

SESSION: Session H: Human Behaviors, Activities, and Environments, Part 1

  • Maha Salem

Robot-Centric Activity Prediction from First-Person Videos: What Will They Do to Me?

  • M. S. Ryoo
  • Thomas J. Fuchs
  • Lu Xia
  • J.K. Aggarwal
  • Larry Matthies

Mutual Modelling in Robotics: Inspirations for the Next Steps

  • Séverin Lemaignan
  • Pierre Dillenbourg

Learning to Interact with a Human Partner

  • Mayada Oudah
  • Vahan Babushkin
  • Tennom Chenlinangjia
  • Jacob W. Crandall

SESSION: Session I: Human Behaviors, Activities, and Environments, Part 2

  • Malte Jung

Robots in the Home: Qualitative and Quantitative Insights into Kitchen Organization

  • Elizabeth Cha
  • Jodi Forlizzi
  • Siddhartha S. Srinivasa

Are Robots Ready for Administering Health Status Surveys’: First Results from an HRI Study with Subjects with Parkinson’s Disease

  • Priscilla Briggs
  • Matthias Scheutz
  • Linda Tickle-Degnen

Measuring the Efficacy of Robots in Autism Therapy: How Informative are Standard HRI Metrics’

  • Momotaz Begum
  • Richard W. Serna
  • David Kontak
  • Jordan Allspaw
  • James Kuczynski
  • Holly A. Yanco
  • Jacob Suarez

Interaction Expands Function: Social Shaping of the Therapeutic Robot PARO in a Nursing Home

  • Wan-Ling Chang
  • Selma Šabanović