HRI2022 Local meetups

The main conference of HRI2022 is a fully online conference. Given this is the third year of HRI online, we understand that people in our community are eager to meet in person and that some people are independently planning unofficial local events. We, the HRI2022 main conference, are happy to encourage people to enjoy the conference, however, we need to share our formal position on the local meetups in terms of conference organization, especially legal issues. Here is the statement for the local meetups.

  • All participants who attend the local meetup to watch the HRI2022 conference, need to make a registration at the HRI2022 conference as well as the local meetups (if the local meetup organizer requests participants to do it)
  • Local meetups are individual events that are organized separately from the HRI2022 conference.
  • There is no financial support from the HRI2022 conference to local meetups.
  • Organizers of local meetups are responsible for participant safety, especially COVID-19 related issues.

Thus, the HRI2022 organizing committee is not responsible for the local meetups. Please contact local meetups organizers if you have questions.


List of local meetups

HRI2022 Registration (main conference registration)