Day1 – March 8


06:30 - 07:00 JST



07:00 - 08:00 JST

Keynote: Leila Takayama

Title: Putting Human-Robot Interaction Research into Design Practice

Session Chair: Laura M. Hiatt


08:00 - 08:15 JST



08:15 - 09:25 JST

Session: Robots for Children, ASD, Elderly People (1)

Session Chair: Greg Trafton

A Social Robot for Improving Interruptions Tolerance and Employability in Adults with ASD

Rebecca Ramnauth, Emmanuel Adeniran, Timothy Adamson, MichalALewkowicz, Rohit Giridharan, Caroline Reiner, Brian Scassellati

Robot Co-design Can Help Us Engage Child Stakeholders in Ethical Reflection

Terran Mott, Alexandra Bejarano, Tom Williams

“Let’s read a book together”: a long-term study on the engagement of pre-school children with their home companion robot

Zhao Zhao, Rhonda McEwen

Mixed-Method Long-Term Robot Usage: Older Adults’ Lived Experience of Social Robots

Anastasia K.Ostrowski, Cynthia Breazeal, Hae Won Park

Individual differences of children with autism in robot-assisted autism therapy

Anara Sandygulova, Aida Amirova, Nazerke Rakhymbayeva, Zhansaule Telisheva, Aida Zhanatkyzy

Cognitively Assistive Robots at Home: HRI Design Patterns for Translational Science

Alyssa Kubota, Dagoberto Cruz-Sandoval, Soyon Kim, Elizabeth Twamley, Laurel D. Riek

Robot-mediated Child–Elderly Interaction: A Pilot Study for Greeting Tasks in Nursery Schools

Junya Nakanishi, Jun Baba, Hiroshi Ishiguro


09:25 - 09:40 JST



09:40 - 10:30 JST


Robotic Improvisers: Rule-Based Improvisation and Emergent Behaviour in HRI

Irene Alcubilla Troughton, Kim Baraka, Koen Hindriks, Maaike Bleeker

Children’s Perspectives of Advertising with Social Robots: A Policy Investigation

Daniella DiPaola, Anastasia K. Ostrowski, Rylie Spiegel Kate Darling, Cynthia Breazeal

Practical, Ethical, and Overlooked: Teleoperated Socially Assistive Robots in the Quest for Autonomy

Saad Elbeleidy, Terran Mott, Tom Williams

Promoting Children’s Critical Thinking Towards Robotics through Robot Deception

Maria Luce Lupetti, Maarten Van Mechele

Gender Fairness in Social Robotics: Exploring a Future Care of Peripartum Depression

Laetitia Tanqueray, Tobiaz Paulsson, Mengyu Zhong, Stefan Larsson, Ginevra Castellano


10:30 - 18:30 JST



10:40 - 11:40 JST

[Social Activity] Karaoke


18:30 - 19:30 JST

LBR/Pioneer (1)


19:30 - 19:45 JST



19:45 - 20:25 JST

Session: Robots for Children, ASD, Elderly People (2)

Session Chair: Silvia Rossi

“And then what happens?” Promoting Children’s Verbal Creativity Using a Robot

Maha Elgarf, Natalia Calvo-Barajas, Patrícia Alves-Oliveira, Giulia Perugia, Ginevra Castellano, Christopher Peters, Ana Paiva

Memory-Based Personalization for Fostering a Long-Term Child-Robot Relationship

Mike E.U. Ligthart, Mark Neerincx, Koen Hindriks

Inclusive’R’Stories: An Inclusive Storytelling Activity with an Emotional Robot

Cristiana Antunes, Isabel Neto, Filipa Correia, Ana Paiva, Hugo Nicolau

Refilling Water Bottles in Elderly Care Homes With the Help of a Safe Service Robot

Cagatay Odabasi, Florenz Graf, Jochen Lindermayr, Mayank Patel, Simon D Baumgarten, Birgit Graf


20:25 - 20:40 JST



20:40 - 21:20 JST

Session: Norms and Biases

Session Chair: Hatice Gunes

The Shape of Our Bias: Perceived Age and Gender in the Humanoid Robots of the ABOT Database

Giulia Perugia, Stefano Guidi, Margherita Bicchi, Oronzo Parlangeli

Norm-Breaking Responses to Sexist Abuse: A Cross-Cultural Human Robot Interaction Study

Katie Winkle, Ryan Blake Jackson, Gaspar Isaac Melsión, Drazen Brscic, Iolanda Leite, Tom Williams

Exploring Machine-like Behaviors for a Socially Acceptable Robot Navigation in Elevators

Danilo Gallo, Shreepriya Gonzalez-Jimenez, Antonietta Maria Grasso, Cecile Boulard, Tommaso Colombino

Why do we follow robots? An experimental investigation of conformity with robot, human and hybrid majorities

Lisa Masjutin, JessicaK.Laing, Günter W. Maier


21:20 - 21:30 JST



21:30 - 22:30 JST

Short Contribution

PointIt: A ROS Toolkit for Interacting with Co-located Robots using Pointing Gestures

Gabriele Abbate, Alessandro Giusti, Antonio Paolillo, Boris Gromov, Luca Gambardella, Andrea-Emilio Rizzoli, Jérôme Guzzi

APReL: A Library for Active Preference-based Reward Learning Algorithms

Erdem Bıyık, Aditi Talati, Dorsa Sadigh

Jaco: An Offline Running Privacy-aware Voice Assistant

Daniel Bermuth, Alexander Poeppel, Wolfgang Reif

Projecting Robot Navigation Paths: Hardware and Software for Projected AR

Zhao Han, Jenna Parrillo, Alexander Wilkinson, Holly A. Yanco, Tom Williams

A New VR Kitchen Environment for Recording Well Annotated Object Interaction Tasks

Michael Koller, Timothy Patten, Markus Vincze

Gender Neutrality in Robots: An Open Living Review Framework

Katie Seaborn, Peter Pennefather

DReyeVR: Democratizing Virtual Reality Driving Simulation for Behavioural & Interaction Research

Gustavo Silvera, Abhijat Biswas, Henny Admoni

An Analysis of Metrics and Methods in Research from Human-Robot Interaction Conferences, 2015-2021

Megan Zimmerman, Shelly Bagchi, Jeremy Marvel, Vinh Nguyen


22:30 - JST



22:40 - 23:40 JST

[Social Activity] Karaoke

Day2 – March 9


05:00 - 06:00 JST

[Social Activity] Games Night


06:00 - 06:30 JST

Check In


06:30 - 07:40 JST

Session: Robot Learning and Programming

Session Chair: Tesca Fitzgerald

Revisiting Human-Robot Teaching and Learning Through the Lens of Human Concept Learning Theory

Serena Booth, Sanjana Sharma, Sarah Chung, Julie Shah, ElenaL.Glassman

MIND MELD: Personalized Meta-Learning for Robot-Centric Imitation Learning

Mariah Schrum, Erin Hedlund, Nina Moorman, Matthew Gombolay

Adaptive Imitation Learning for Multi-Agent Games

Andy Shih, Stefano Ermon, Dorsa Sadigh

“We Make a Great Team!”: Adults with Low Prior Domain Knowledge Learn more from a Peer Robot than a Tutor Robot

Nicole Salomons, KaitlynnTaylorPineda, Adérónkẹ́O.Adéjàre, Brian Scassellati

CoFrame: A System for Training Novice Cobot Programmers

Andrew Schoen, NathanThomasWhite, Curt Henrichs, Amanda Siebert-Evenstone, D.W. Shaffer, Bilge Mutlu

Advancing the Design of Visual Debugging Tools for Roboticists

Bryce Ikeda, Daniel Szafir

CONFIDANT: A Privacy Controller for Social Robots

Brian Tang, Dakota Sullivan, Bengisu Cagiltay, Varun Chandrasekaran, Kassem Fawaz, Bilge Mutlu


07:40 - 07:55 JST



07:55 - 08:55 JST

LBR/Pioneer (2)


08:55 - 09:10 JST



09:10 - 10:30 JST

Industry session




10:30 - 18:30 JST



10:40 - 11:40 JST

[Social Activity] Games Night


17:30 - 18:30 JST

[Social Activity] Student Elevator Pitch (Slot 1)


18:30 - 19:30 JST

Keynote: Friederike Eyssel

Title: What’s Social about Social Robots? A Psychological Perspective

Session Chair: Masahiro Shiomi


19:30 - 19:45 JST



19:45 - 20:25 JST

Session: Perceptions of Robots and Humans (1)

Session Chair: Wafa Johal

Better than Us: The Role of Implicit Self-Theories in Determining Perceived Threat Responses in HRI

D. D. Allan, Andrew J. Vonasch, Christoph Bartneck

It Will Not Take Long! Longitudinal Effects of Robot Conflict Resolution Strategies on Compliance, Acceptance and Trust

Franziska Babel, Philipp Hock, Johannes Kraus, Martin Baumann

Mind the Machines: Applying Implicit Measures of Mind Perception in Social Robotics

Zhenni Li, Leonie Terfurth, Eva Wiese, Joshua Pepe Woller

Patient’s Trust in Hospital Transport Robots: Evaluation of the Role of User Dispositions, Anxiety, and Robot Characteristics

Mareike Schüle, Johannes Kraus, Franziska Babel, Nadine Reißner


20:25 - 20:40 JST



20:40 - 21:30 JST

Session: Visual Communication

Session Chair: Harold Soh

Robot, Pass Me the Tool: Handle Visibility Facilitates Task-oriented Handovers

Valerio Ortenzi, Maija Filipovica, Diar Abdlkarim, Tommaso Pardi, Chie Takahashi, Alan Wing, Massimiliano Di Luca, Katherine J. Kuchenbecker

Learning Gaze Behaviors for Balancing Participation in Group Human-Robot Interactions

Sarah Gillet, Maria Teresa Parreira, Marynel Vázquez, Iolanda Leite

Task-Consistent Signaling Motions for Improved Understanding in Human-Robot Interaction and Workspace Sharing

Benjamin Camblor, Nassim Benhabib, David Daney, Vincent Padois, Jean-Marc Salotti

Exploiting Augmented Reality for Extrinsic Robot Calibration and Eye-based Human-Robot Collaboration

Daniel Weber, Enkelejda Kasneci, Andreas Zell

A Taxonomy of Functional Augmented Reality for Human-Robot Interaction

Ornnalin Phaijit, Wafa Johal, Mohammad Obaid, Claude Sammut


21:30 - 21:45 JST



21:45 - 22:30 JST

Industry session



Hello Robot


22:30 - JST



22:40 - 23:40 JST

[Social Activity] Yoga for Wellbeing

Day3 – March 10


03:30 - 05:30 JST

[Social Activity] HRI Plays D&D


05:30 - 06:30 JST

[Social Activity] Elevator Pitch Competition (Slot 2)


06:00 - 07:00 JST

Check In


06:30 - 07:30 JST

Keynote: Hiroshi Nittono

Title: The Psychology of “Kawaii” and Its Implications for Human–Robot Interaction

Session Chair: Masahiro Shiomi


07:30 - 07:40 JST



07:40 - 08:30 JST

Session: Perceptions of Robots and Humans (2)

Session Chair: Dan Szafir

You’re delaying my task?! Impact of Task Order and Motive on Perceptions of a Robot

Elizabeth Jeanne Carter, Laura M. Hiatt, Stephanie Rosenthal

Who’s Laughing NAO? Examining Perceptions of Failure in a Humorous Robot Partner

Haley N Green, Md Mofijul Islam, Shahira Ali, Tariq Iqbal

Perceptions of Cognitive and Affective Empathetic Statements by Socially Assistive Robots

Christopher Birmingham, Ashley Perez, Maja Mataric

Having The Right Attitude: How Attitude Impacts Trust Repair in Human-Robot Interaction

Connor Esterwood, Lionel Peter Robert

HRI Carryover Effect: Can Interactions With Robots Influence Subsequent Human-Human Interactions?

Hadas Erel, Elior Carsenti, Oren Zuckerman


08:30 - 08:40 JST



08:40 - 09:30 JST

Session: Explicit and Implicit Communication

Session Chair: Henny Admoni

Teacher, Teammate, Subordinate, Friend: Generating Norm Violation Responses Grounded in Role-based Relational Norms

Ruchen Wen, Zhao Han, Tom Williams

You Had Me at Hello: The Impact of Robot Group Presentation Strategies on Mental Model Formation

Alexandra Bejarano, Samantha Reig, Priyanka Senapati, Tom Williams

Robot Touch to Send Sympathy: Divergent Perspectives of Senders and Recipients

Rachel H.Y. Au, Katrina Marie Ling, Marlena Fraune, Katherine M. Tsui

A Novel Architectural Method for Producing Dynamic Gaze Behavior in Human-Robot Interactions

Gordon Briggs, Meia Chita-Tegmark, Evan Krause, Matthias Scheutz

More than words: A Framework for Human-Robot Dialog Designs

James M Berzuk, James E. Young


09:30 - 09:40 JST



09:40 - 10:30 JST

Session: Sensing and Control

Session Chair: Mihoko Niitsuma

Predicting Positions of People in Human-Robot Conversational Groups

Hooman Hedayati, Daniel Szafir

REGROUP: A Robot-Centric Group Detection and Tracking System

Angelique Taylor, Laurel D. Riek

Not All Who Wander Are Lost: A Localization-Free System for In-The-Wild Mobile Robot Deployments

Amal Nanavati, Nick Walker, Lee Taber, Christoforos Mavrogiannis, Leila Takayama, Maya Cakmak, Siddhartha Srinivasa

Understanding Control Frames in Multi-Camera Robot Telemanipulation

Pragathi Praveena, Luis Luis Molina, Yeping Wang, Emmanuel Senft, Bilge Mutlu, Michael Gleicher

Detecting 3D Hand Pointing Direction from RGB-D Data in Wide-Ranging HRI Scenarios

Mirhan ürkmez, H. Isil Bozma


10:30 - 18:30 JST



10:40 - 11:10 JST

[Social Activity] Virtual Lab Tour at Kyoto University


11:10 - 12:10 JST

[Social Activity] Judo and the Japanese culture: learn & practice


18:00 - 18:30 JST

[Social Activity] Virtual Lab Tour at National Institute of Informatics


18:30 - 19:30 JST

Video and SDC


Two-way Human-Robot Interaction in 5G Tele-operation

Wing-ting Law, Ki-sing Li, Kam-wah Fan, Wang-hon Ko, Tiande Mo, Chi-kin Poon

How to Make People Think You’re Thinking if You’re a Drawing Robot: Expressing Emotions Through the Motions of Writing

Avital Dell’Ariccia, Alexandra Bremers, Johan Michalove, Wendy Ju

Demonstration of a Robo-Barista for In the Wild Interactions

Mei Yii Lim, José David Aguas Lopes, David A. Robb, Bruce W. Wilson, Meriam Moujahid, Helen Hastie

PopupBot, a Robotic Pop-up Space for Children: Origami-based Transformable Robotic Playhouse Recognizing Children’s Intention

Sonya S. Kwak, Seongah Park, Dahyun Kang, Hanna Lee, Jung Hyun Yang, Yoonseob Lim, Kahye Song

ADioS: Angel and Devil on the Shoulder for Encouraging Human Decision Making

Kento Goto, Kazuki Mizumaru, Daisuke Sakamoto, Tetsuo Ono

Reflections on Rock

Tina Bobbe, Hans Winger, Ariel Podlubne, Florian Wieczorek, Lisa-Marie Lüneburg, Ievgen Kharabet, Jens Wagner, Sergio Pertuz

Demonstration of a Robot Receptionist with Multi-party Situated Interaction

Meriam Moujahid, Bruce Wilson, Helen Hastie, Oliver Lemon

Interacting with a Conveyor Belt in Virtual Reality using Pointing Gestures

Jérôme Guzzi, Gabriele Abbate, Antonio Paolillo, Alessandro Giusti

A Haptic Multimodal Interface with Abstract Controls for Semi-Autonomous Manipulation

Brett Stoddard, Miranda Cravetz, Timothy Player, Heather Knight

AMIGUS: A Robot Companion for Students (Video Abstract)

Andrés Alamo, Carmen Espinoza, Roberto Raez

MAPPO: The Assistance Pet for Oncological Children (Video Abstract)

Lucía Gabriela Sarmiento Calderón, Leonardo Fabio Gómez Hormaza, Roberto Alejandro Raez Pereyra

A Robo-Pickup Artist Breaking Gender Norms

Hannen E. Wolfe, Sahar Sajadieh


Lifecycle: A Speculative Fiction on Healthcare Automation

Mathew Iantorno, Camille Intson


Nazmun Nahid, Dian Christy Silpani, Min Xinyi, Khawaritzmi Abdallah Ahmad, Tomohiro Yamakawa

Enhanced Facial Expressions of Avatars by Internal Movable Weights

Ayumu Kawahara

A Robot That Physically Snuggles to Humans

Yuga Adachi

Buzz! Deepening Human Connection to Plants Through Technology

Leigh Levinson, Chun Han (Ariel) Wang, Long-Jing Hsu

IEUM: Bridging Transportation to Humans

Seonghee Lee, Jin Ryu, Jee Yoon Kim

The Limbot

Nvabury Kenneh, Divine Aghedo, William Franco, Gabriella Williams, Ashley Okungu


19:30 - 19:45 JST



19:45 - 20:35 JST

Session: Understanding and Leveraging Humans

Session Chair: Drazen Brscic

Automatic Frustration Detection Using Thermal Imaging

Youssef Mohamed, Giulia Ballardini, Maria Teresa Parreira, Séverin Lemaignan, Iolanda Leite

Asking Follow-Up Clarifications to Resolve Ambiguities in Human-Robot Conversation

Fethiye Irmak Doğan, Ilaria Torre, Iolanda Leite

Cultural Differences on Indirect Speech Act Use and Politeness in Human-Robot interaction

Sukyung Seok, Eunji Hwang, JongSuk Choi, Yoonseob Lim

Configuring Humans: What Roles Humans Play in HRI Research

Hee Rin Lee, EunJeong Cheon, Chaeyun Lim, Kerstin Fischer

Correct Me If I’m Wrong: Using Non-Experts to Repair Reinforcement Learning Policies

Sanne van Waveren, Christian Pek, Jana Tumova, Iolanda Leite


20:35 - 20:50 JST



20:50 - 21:50 JST

Session: Social and Telepresence Robots

Session Chair: Anara Sandygulova

Face on a Globe: A Spherical Robot that Appears Lifelike Through Smooth Deformations and Autonomous Movement

Daisuke Iizawa, Shunji Yamanaka

Unwinding Rotations Improves User Comfort with Immersive Telepresence Robots

Markku Suomalainen, Basak Sakcak, Adhi Widagdo, Juho Kalliokoski, Katherine J. Mimnaugh, Alexis P Chambers, Timo Ojala, Steven LaValle

Costume vs. Autonomous vs. Telepresence: How Social Presence Forms of Tele-operated Robots Influence Customer Behavior

Sichao Song, Jun Baba, Junya Nakanishi, Yuichiro Yoshikawa, Hiroshi Ishiguro

You Got the Job! Understanding Hiring Decisions for Robots as Organizational Members

Lea Heitlinger, Ruth Stock-Homburg, Franziska Doris Wolf

Learning Socially Appropriate Robo-waiter Behaviours through Real-time User Feedback

Emily McQuillin, Nikhil Churamani, Hatice Gunes

Sharing the Spotlight: Co-presenting with a Humanoid Robot

Yunus Terzioglu, Everlyne Kimani, Prasanth Murali, Timothy Bickmore


21:50 - 22:00 JST



22:00 - 22:30 JST