Full Papers


Best Paper Award

Exploring Machine-like Behaviors for a Socially Acceptable Robot Navigation in Elevators

Danilo Gallo, Shreepriya Gonzalez-Jimenez, Antonietta Maria Grasso, Cecile Boulard, Tommaso Colombino

Honorable Mention

Cognitively Assistive Robots at Home: HRI Design Patterns for Translational Science

Alyssa Kubota, Dagoberto Cruz-Sandoval, Soyon Kim, Elizabeth Twamley, Laurel D. Riek

Technical Advances:

Best Paper Award

MIND MELD: Personalized Meta-Learning for Robot-Centric Imitation Learning

Mariah Schrum, Erin Hedlund, Nina Moorman, Matthew Gombolay

Theory and Methods:

Best Paper Award

More than words: A Framework for Human-Robot Dialog Designs

James M Berzuk, James E. Young

User Studies:

Best Paper Award

Memory-Based Personalization for Fostering a Long-Term Child-Robot Relationship

Mike E.U. Ligthart, Mark Neerincx, Koen Hindriks

Honorable Mention

The Shape of Our Bias: Perceived Age and Gender in the Humanoid Robots of the ABOT Database

Giulia Perugia, Stefano Guidi, Margherita Bicchi, Oronzo Parlangeli


Best Paper Award

REGROUP: A Robot-Centric Group Detection and Tracking System

Angelique Taylor, Laurel D. Riek

Honorable Mention

A Social Robot for Improving Interruptions Tolerance and Employability in Adults with ASD

Rebecca Ramnauth, Emmanuel Adeniran, Timothy Adamson, Michal A Lewkowicz, Rohit Giridharan, Caroline Reiner, Brian Scassellati

Late-Breaking Reports

Best LBR Award 1st Prize

“How Would You Communicate With a Robot?”: People with Neourodevelopmental Disorder’s Perspective

Corrado Pacelli, Tharushi Kinkini De Silva Pallimulla Hewa Geeganage, Micol Spitale, Eleonora Beccaluva, Franca Garzotto

Best LBR Award 2nd Prize

First Attempt of Gender-free Speech Style Transfer for Genderless Robot

Chuang Yu, Changzeng Fu, Rui Chen, Adriana Tapus

Best LBR Award 3rd Prize

A Task Design for Studying Referring Behaviors for Linguistic HRI

Zhao Han, Tom Williams

Student Design Competition

Best Student Design Competition SF Prototyping Narrative Award

Buzz! Deepening Human Connection to Plants Through Technology

Leigh Levinson, Chun Han (Ariel) Wang, Long-Jing Hsu

Best Student Design Competition SF Prototyping Vision Award

IEUM: Bridging Transportation to Humans

Seonghee Lee, Jin Ryu, Jee Yoon Kim


Best Video/Demo Award

PopupBot, a Robotic Pop-up Space for Children: Origami-based Transformable Robotic Playhouse Recognizing Children’s Intention

Sonya S. Kwak, Seongah Park, Dahyun Kang, Hanna Lee, Jung Hyun Yang, Yoonseob Lim, Kahye Song

Social Activity

Elevator pitch Competition – 1st Prize

Nurziya Oralbayeva

Elevator pitch Competition – 2nd Prize

Ning Fang

Elevator pitch Competition – 3rd Prize

Mayumi Mohan