HRI 2021 is the 16th Annual Conference for basic and applied human-robot interaction research. Researchers from around the world present their best work about the latest theories, technology, data, demonstrations and videos furthering the state-of-the-art in human-robot interaction.




Publication Fees for HRI 2021

Due to the nature of HRI 2021 being virtual this year, we are requiring authors to pay a publication fee for each of their submissions. One author from each publication must register and pay the publication fee by January 25. Each publication fee comes with 1 free registration to the HRI 2021 conference. Please examine the FAQ below, which will hopefully resolve any questions you may have. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact the HRI 2021 registration chairs at

Publication Fee Type Rate for Each Publication
Full Papers and alt.HRI Papers $250
Late Breaking Report $165
Video and Demo Submissions $80

Frequently Asked


There are multiple authors on my publication, does each author need to pay the publication fee?

No. Only one author needs to pay the publication fee. One publication is associated with one publication fee, regardless of the number of authors.


There are multiple authors on my publication, do all of us need to register before the Jan 25 deadline?

No. Only one author should register by the Jan 25 deadline and pay the publication fee. Any author can be the one that registers by the Jan 25 deadline and pays the publication fee. 



I am a HRI 2021 Pioneers or Student Design Competition attendee. Do I need to pay a publication fee?

No. You do not need to pay a publication fee.


Since each publication fee comes with 1 free registration, can I “gift” a free registration to someone else?

Yes. If you register and pay for multiple publication fees within the same registration, you will receive (n-1) free registrations that you can gift to others. For example, if you register and pay 3 publication fees, one free registration will be applied to you, and you can gift 2 free registrations to others. After you go through the registration process, you will receive a follow up email from the registration chairs containing information about your additional free registrations that you can gift to others.


I am a SIGCHI member, am I eligible for a registration discount?

Yes. SIGCHI members are eligible for the same conference registration rates as IEEE and ACM members. Please contact for instructions on how to register with the reduced rates associated with your SIGCHI membership. 

Registration Fees for HRI 2021

Main Conference

To be eligible for reduced members’ rates, an ACM Membership or IEEE membership is required. All prices are in USD.


(until Jan 31)


(until March 11)

ACM/IEEE Members $65 $125
ACM/IEEE Students $25 $45
Non-ACM/IEEE Members $165 $225
Non-ACM/IEEE Students $45 $65




Workshop and tutorial attendees must pay a workshop fee to attend HRI 2021 workshop(s) and/or tutorial(s). If you attend multiple workshops, you only need to pay one registration fee. All prices are in USD.


(until Jan 31)


(until March 11)

Workshops – ACM/IEEE Members $35 $75
Workshops – All Students $15 $25
Workshops – Non-ACM/IEEE Members $50 $125



Refund Policy

Please note that a $10 fee will be charged for all cancellations made before March 1; the remainder of the registration fee will be refunded. Beginning March 1, no refunds will be given. Additionally, paper fees are non-refundable.

Any enquiries regarding registration should be emailed to

Registration Chairs

Chris Crawford, University of Alabama, USA

Sarah Sebo, University of Chicago, USA