Late-Breaking Reports

The Late-Breaking Reports (LBR) venue at HRI provides authors with the opportunity to present early-stage results and new ideas over exciting cutting-edge and experimental research. LBRs are an excellent opportunity for researchers new to the field to participate in the conference.

All LBR​ ​submissions will undergo blind peer-review and will be published in the​ ​companion proceedings of the conference. These proceedings will appear in both the​ ​ACM Digital Library and IEEE Xplore. LBRs will be presented during the main conference. The final format for the presentation will be communicated in January 2021.

Note: Unlike previous years, LBRs should be 2-4 page (excluding references).

Important Dates


December 14, 2020 (23:59 Anywhere on Earth): Submission Deadline
January 08, 2021: Notification of acceptance
January 18, 2021: Final camera-ready deadline



Authors must submit their Late-Breaking Reports as a 2 to 4-page article, excluding references (which do not count towards submission length). Papers should conform to the ACM SIG proceedings specification. Authors should use the sample-sigconf.tex or interim_layout.docx template files.


In connection with SIGCHI’s efforts to improve conference accessibility, HRI is moving towards generating accessible PDFs for all accepted papers. This year, we encourage all authors to add accessibility features to their PDF submissions. Please see the CHI 2021 guidelines for information on how to prepare an accessible PDF.


Publications should be fully anonymized at the time of submission. For additional information, authors may refer to the main conference anonymization guidelines.


Due to a tight publication deadline with the publisher, all submitted Late-Breaking Reports should be “camera-ready” at the time of submission (i.e., proofread, spell-checked, etc.). Non-conforming submissions are candidates for instant rejection.

Submission Page

First choose HRI at the Society list and then you’ll see the Late Breaking Reports Track.

Peer Review Process

Late-Breaking Reports will be reviewed using a mutual blind peer review process. To ensure that all authors receive feedback on their work and to help invigorate the HRI community, at least one author of each LBR submission must agree to review two other LBRs. Reviews will consist of a brief questionnaire regarding the quality and relevance of the work submitted.

LBR Reviewers

The LBR co-chairs would like to thank all reviewers for the contribution of their time and expertise:

Hee Rin Lee
Guangtao Zhang
Serena Marchesi
Debasmita Ghose
Daniel Grollman
Tahiya Chowdhury
Aleks Pieczykolan
Mark Colley
Chen Li
James Staley
David Porfirio
Dante Tezza
Marvin Andujar
Boling Yang
Min-Gyu Kim
Nicole Berx
Jainendra Shukla
Glenda Hannibal
Aniketh Ramesh
Maryam Alimardani
Ruchen Wen
Kerstin Fischer
Austin Sumigray
James Tompkin
Matthias Wolf
Lukas Teichert
Michael Stuart
Alessandra Rossi
Neelu Gurung
Mariah Schrum
Andrew Boateng
Payam Jome Yazdian
Nick DePalma 

Fateme Nikseresht
Emilia Barakova
Naomi Fitter
Youssef Mohamed
Shrey Agrawal
Ela Liberman-Pincu
Tobias Kaupp
Kantwon Rogers
Akihiro Matsufuji
Youchan Yim
Pieter Wolfert
Reuben Aronson
Sebastian Schneider
Birgir Baldursson
Daichi Saito
Khaled Saleh
Eduardo Sandoval
Nicholas Georgiou
Mayumi Mohan
Michael Jae-Yoon Chung
Masahiro Shiomi
Swapna Joshi
Jangwon Lee
Sarah Gillet
Vivienne Jia Zhong
Dimitrios Chrysostomou
Sonja Stange
Elena Lechuga Redondo
Mike Ligthart
Philipp Wicke
Juyoun Park
Lawrence Kim
Abhijeet Agnihotri
Waki Kamino

Elena Kokkoni
Babu Ram Naidu Ramachandran
Mustafa Mohammed
Nathan Tsoi
Sophia C. Steinhaeusser
Heike Brock
Jan Schmitt
İmge Saltik
Sofia Thunberg
Franziska Babel
David Robb
Mona ElHelbawy
Gal Bejerano
Rebecca Ramnauth
Guilhem Buisan
Brisaac Johnson
Adriana Lorena González
Andrew B. Williams
Tom Williams
Jindan Huang
Harold Soh
Kanae Kochigami
Catherine Weldon
Anouk Neerincx
Hannah Pelikan
Ziggy O’Reilly
Sophia Steinhaeusser
Sara Nielsen
Angelica Lim
Alyssa Kubota
Bryan Hernandez
Santosh Balajee Banisetty
Sudhir Shenoy

Alessandra Sciutti
Roshni Kaushik
Kayla Matheus
Rahatul Amin Ananto
Terran Mott
Hiroyuki Umemuro
Nhan Tran
Madeleine Bartlett
Andre Cleaver
Thao Phung
Adina Panchea
Alexander Arntz
Burcu A. Urgen
Jacqueline Urakami
Timo Baumann
Mohammad Yasar
Saad Elbeleidy
Darren Chan
Zhao Zhao
Md Mofijul Islam
Shen Li
Dr Mohammad Azhar
Christian Barentine
Roya Salek Shahrezaie
Sam Thellman
Philipp Schaper
Nicola Webb
Johannes Kraus
Akkamahadevi Hanni
Dimitra Gkatzia
Paul Bremner
Avijit Ashe
David Ayllon

Late-Breaking Reports Chairs

Francois Ferland, Université de Sherbrooke, Canada
Tariq Iqbal,
University of Virginia, USA
Marynel Vazquez,
Yale University, USA