HRI Pioneers Workshop


The 16th annual Human-Robot Interaction Pioneers Workshop will be held in conjunction with the 2021 ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction.

Pioneers seeks to foster creativity and collaboration surrounding key challenges in human-robot interaction and empower students early in their academic careers. Each year, the workshop brings together a cohort of the world’s top student researchers and provides the opportunity for students to present and discuss their work with distinguished student peers and senior scholars in the field.

Pioneers is a premier forum for graduate students in HRI, thus we invite students at any stage of their academic career to consider applying. To facilitate attendance, we expect to provide financial support to accepted students to help mitigate the costs of the workshop and main conference.

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Day 1 – March 09


13:30-14:30 MT


HRI Pioneers Session I


Paper Title 2021 HRI Pioneers
Posture Estimation and Optimization in Ergonomically Intelligent Teleoperation Systems Amir Yazdani
Twitter: @amirreza_yz
Handling Trust Between Drivers and Automated Vehicles for Improved Collaboration Hebert Azevedo-Sa
Twitter: @hazevedosa
Machine Learning Driven Musical Improvisation for Mechanomorphic Human-Robot Interaction Richard Savery
Twitter: @RJSavery
Improving the Robustness of Social Robot Navigation Systems Nathan Tsoi
Twitter: @nathantsoi
Robots that Help Humans Build Better Mental Models of Robots Preeti Ramaraj
Twitter: @preetiramaraj
What Makes a Good Demonstration for Robot Learning Generalization? Maram Sakr
Twitter: @MaramGSakr


Day 2 – March 10


13:30-14:30 MT


HRI Pioneers Session 2


Paper Title 2021 HRI Pioneers
Interactive Reinforcement Learning from Imperfect Teachers

Taylor Kessler Faulkner

Twitter: @taylor_k_f

Behavior Adaptation for Robot-assisted Neurorehabilitation Alyssa Kubota
Valuable Robotic Teammates: Algorithms That Reason About the Multiple Dimensions of Human-Robot Teamwork Mai Lee Chang
Toward Hybrid Relational-Normative Models of Robot Cognition

Ruchen Wen

Twitter: @MIRRORLab

Fairness Considerations for Enhanced Team Collaboration

Houston Claure

Twitter: @ClaureHouston

Continual Learning of Visual Concepts for Robots through Limited Supervision Ali Ayub


Day 3 – March 11


08:00-09:00 MT


HRI Pioneers Session 3


Paper Title 2021 HRI Pioneers
Let’s Play Together: Designing Robots to Engage Children with Special Needs and Their Peers in Robot-Assisted Play

Shahed Saleh


Human-Robot Co-Learning for Fluent Collaborations

Emma van Zoelen

Twitter: @emmavanzoelen

A Haptic Empathetic Robot Animal for Children with Autism

Rachael Burns

Twitter: @RachaelBBurns

Fostering Inclusive Activities in Mixed-visual Abilities Classrooms using Social Robots

Isabel Neto

Twitter: @IsabelN64624097

Ritual Drones: Designing and Studying Critical Flying Companions

Mafalda Gamboa

Twitter: @MafaldaGamboa

Autonomous Robot Behaviors for Shaping Group Dynamics

Sarah Gillet

Twitter: @sarahmgillet





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