Please see below for more information about these awards and their recipients.




Best Full Paper Awards


Children as Robot Designers
Patrícia Alves-Oliveira, Patrícia Arriaga, Ana Paiva, Guy Hoffman

User Studies

Robot Gaze Can Mediate Participation Imbalance in Groups with Different Skill Levels
Sarah Gillet,  Ronald Cumbal, André Pereira, José Lopes, Olov Engwall, Iolanda Leite

Technical Advances

Explainable AI for Robot Failures: Generating Explanations that Improve User Assistance in Fault Recovery.
Devleena Das, Siddhartha Banerjee, Sonia Chernova 

Theory and Methods

Challenges and Opportunities for Replication Science in HRI: A Case Study in Human-Robot Trust.
Daniel Ullman, Salomi Aladia, Bertram F. Malle

HRI Awards 2021


A Web-Based User Interface for HRI Studies on Multi-Robot Furniture Arrangement

Brett Stoddard, Abrar Fallatah, Heather Knight


Video to Assisted Human-Robot-Interaction for Industrial Assembly

Jan Schmitt, Philipp Kranz, Andreas Hillenbrand, Tobias Kaupp

Student Design Competition

Best Student Design Competition INTERACTION Award

Alice in Bookland: Robotic Furnishing Delivering Public Library Services Outside During the Pandemic

Jin Ryu, Jilly Jiaqi Cai, Elizabeth Vicarte


Best Student Design Competition CREATIVITY Award

Crunchy – a ‘pop’ular ‘corn’panion to making your movie experience ‘butter’ together

Waki Kamino, Zachary Kaufman, Arinah Karim, Swapna Joshi


Best Student Design Competition DESIGN Award

Human Pain Relief by Simultaneously Grasping and Being Grasped by an Inflatable Haptic Device

Youchan Yim

Best Student Design Competition IMPLEMENTATION Award

Cara: A Smart Plush Toy for Support During COVID-19

R. Agrawal, E. Kuo, A. S. Kholwadwala, M. Renteria, A. Colello

Social Events

Graduate Student Elevator Pitch Winners: 

1st Place – Rachael Burns

2nd Place – Taylor Kessler Faulkner

3rd Place – Sayantani Dutta


Undergraduate Student Elevator Pitch Winners: 

1st Place – Mustafa Mohammed

2nd Place – Aman Dhadge


Most Creative Elevator Pitch: 

Samantha Reig – Created a Sonnet for her presentation

BINGO Card Completion

Most Interactive Community Members

The following two attendees submitted their BINGO cards – completing their entire cards by participating in many different conference activities! GREAT JOB! 

Ilaria Torre
Christine Chang


Late-breaking report

Developing a Data-Driven Categorical Taxonomy of Emotional Expressions in Real World Human Robot Interactions
Ghazal Saheb Jam, Jimin Rhim, Angelica Lim.