Companion Proceedings

HRI ’17- Proceedings of the Companion of the 2017 ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction

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SESSION: alt.hri Papers

A Robot Forensic Interviewer: The BAD, the GOOD, and the Undiscovered

  • Zachary Henkel
  • Cindy L. Bethel

Development of an Emotion-Competent SLAM Agent

  • Johannes Feldmaier
  • Martin Stimpfl
  • Klaus Diepold

Wizard of Awwws: Exploring Psychological Impact on the Researchers in Social HRI Experiments

  • Daniel J. Rea
  • Denise Geiskkovitch
  • James E. Young

Robot-Human Interaction: A human speaker experiment

  • David St-Onge
  • Nicolas Reeves
  • Nataliya Petkova


Evaluating Remote and Head-worn Eye Trackers in Multi-modal Speech-based HRI (Demo)

  • Michael Barz
  • Peter Poller
  • Daniel Sonntag

Hand-Clapping Games with a Baxter Robot

  • Naomi T. Fitter
  • Katherine J. Kuchenbecker

A Robotic Framework for Video Recording and Authoring

  • Jun Kato
  • Masataka Goto

Designing an Engaging & Affable Robot (DEAR)

  • Yanghee Kim
  • Diantha Smith

FacePartBot: The Interactive Face Components

  • Sonya S. Kwak
  • Dahyun Kang

RacketAvatar that Expresses Intention of Avatar and User

  • Katsutoshi Masai
  • Yuta Sugiura
  • Michita Imai
  • Maki Sugimoto

Animating Mechanisms: A Pipeline for Authoring Robot Gestures

  • Benny Megidish
  • Oren Zuckerman
  • Guy Hoffman

Demonstration of OPSORO’s Grid System: Design a Working Social Robot in Only 2 Hours

  • Jelle Saldien
  • Stan Notebaert
  • Cesar Vandevelde
  • Dries Bovijn

Windfield: Demonstrating Wind Meteorology with Handheld Haptic Robots

  • Ayberk Özgür
  • Wafa Johal
  • Francesco Mondada
  • Pierre Dillenbourg

MiRo: An Animal-like Companion Robot with a Biomimetic Brain-based Control System

  • Tony J. Prescott
  • Ben Mitchinson
  • Sebastian Conran

Bluetooth Low Energy for Autonomous Human-Robot Interaction

  • Marcus M. Scheunemann
  • Kerstin Dautenhahn

SESSION: Late-breaking Abstracts

Hello Pepper, May I Tickle You?: Children’s and Adults’ Responses to an Entertainment Robot at a Shopping Mall

  • Iina Aaltonen
  • Anne Arvola
  • Päivi Heikkilä
  • Hanna Lammi

Please Call Me?: Calling Practices with Telepresence Robots for the Elderly

  • Iina Aaltonen
  • Marketta Niemelä
  • Antti Tammela

Robot Authority and Human Obedience: A Study of Human Behaviour using a Robot Security Guard

  • Siddharth Agrawal
  • Mary-Anne Williams

Detecting Deception in a Human-Robot Interaction Scenario

  • Roxana Agrigoroaie
  • Adriana Tapus

Context Enhanced Multi Object Tracker for Human Robot Collaboration

  • Akkaladevi Sharath Chandra
  • Matthias Plasch
  • Christian Eitzinger
  • Bernhard Rinner

Learning to Assess the Cognitive Capacity of Human Partners

  • S. M. al Mahi
  • Matthew Atkins
  • Christopher Crick

Acoustic Sensing for Touch Recognition in a Social Robot

  • Fernando Alonso-Martín
  • José Carlos Castillo
  • Juan José Gamboa
  • Miguel Ángel Salichs

Do We Blindly Trust Self-Driving Cars

  • Kamilla Egedal Andersen
  • Simon Köslich
  • Bjarke Kristian Maigaard Kjær Pedersen
  • Bente Charlotte Weigelin
  • Lars Christian Jensen

Towards Enriching Robot’s Actions with Affective Movements

  • Julian M. Angel-Fernandez
  • Andrea Bonarini

Will You Rely on a Robot to Find a Treasure?

  • Alexander Mois Aroyo
  • Francesco Rea
  • Alessandra Sciutti

Does Height Affect the Strictness of Robot Assisted Teacher?

  • Ilhan Bae
  • Jeonghye Han

Investigating the Influence of Culture on Helping Behavior Towards Service Robots

  • Markus Bajones
  • Astrid Weiss
  • Markus Vincze

A Library of Skills and Behaviors for Smart Mobile Assistant Robots in Automotive Assembly Lines

  • Timo Bänziger
  • Andreas Kunz
  • Konrad Wegener

Evaluating Remote and Head-worn Eye Trackers in Multi-modal Speech-based HRI

  • Michael Barz
  • Peter Poller
  • Daniel Sonntag

The Effect of Age on Engagement in Preschoolers’ Child-Robot Interactions

  • Peta Baxter
  • Chiara De Jong
  • Rian Aarts
  • Mirjam de Haas
  • Paul Vogt

Zone-Based Robot Control for Safe and Efficient Interaction between Human and Industrial Robots

  • Mohamad Bdiwi
  • Sebastian Krusche
  • Matthias Putz

Disassembly of Unknown Models of Electrical Vehicle Motors Using Innovative Human Robot Cooperation

  • Mohamad Bdiwi
  • Aquib Rashid
  • Marko Pfeifer
  • Matthias Putz

An Evaluation Study of Robot Designs for Smart Environments

  • Jasmin Bernotat
  • Friederike Eyssel

Developing a Robot Hip-Hop Dance Game to Engage Rural Minorities in Computer Science

  • De’Aira G. Bryant
  • Karina R. Liles
  • Jenay M. Beer

Human-Autonomy Teaming and Agent Transparency

  • Jessie Y.C. Chen
  • Anthony R. Selkowitz
  • Kimberly Stowers
  • Shan G. Lakhmani
  • Michael J. Barnes

How to Describe Interaction with a Collaborative Robot

  • Linn Gustavsson Christiernin

Ready for the Next Step?: Investigating the Effect of Incremental Information Presentation in an Object Fetching Task

  • Monika Chromik
  • Birte Carlmeyer
  • Britta Wrede

A Comparison of Kindergarten Storytelling by Human and Humanoid Robot with Different Social Behavior

  • Daniela Conti
  • Alessandro Di Nuovo
  • Carla Cirasa
  • Santo Di Nuovo

Towards a Conversational Corpus for Human-Robot Conversations

  • Dagoberto Cruz-Sandoval
  • Friederike Eyssel
  • Jesus Favela
  • Eduardo B. Sandoval

Incremental Development of Large-Scale Human-Robot Teamwork in Disaster Response Environments

  • Joachim de Greeff
  • Nanja Smets
  • Koen Hindriks
  • Mark A. Neerincx
  • Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová

Trust Development and Repair in Human-Robot Teams

  • Ewart Jan de Visser
  • Richard Pak
  • Mark A. Neerincx

Perceptual Control Theory for Engagement and Disengagement of Users in Public Spaces

  • Amol Deshmukh
  • Mary Ellen Foster
  • Alessandro Vinciarelli

Interactive Tracking for Robot-Assisted Autism Therapy

  • Laurie A. Dickstein-Fischer
  • Ria H. Pereira
  • Katie Y. Gandomi
  • Ayesha T. Fathima
  • Gregory S. Fischer

How do Patients in a Medical Interview Perceive a Robot versus Human Physician?

  • Autumn Edwards
  • Leah Omilion-Hodges
  • Chad Edwards

Social Robots: How Becoming an Active User Impacts Students’ Perceptions

  • Amy Eguchi
  • Hiroyuki Okada

Attitudes of Factory Workers towards Industrial and Collaborative Robots

  • Shirley Adriane Elprama
  • Charlotte I.C. Jewell
  • An Jacobs
  • Ilias El Makrini
  • Bram Vanderborght

Using a Human-Agent Interaction Model to Consider the Interaction of Humans and Music-Generation Systems

  • Benjamin Luke Evans
  • Nagisa Munekata
  • Tetsuo Ono

HRI and the Future of Law

  • Eduard Fosch Villaronga
  • Michiel A. Heldeweg

Online Evaluation of Response Obligation Estimation on the HALOGEN Multimodal Interaction Framework

  • Kotaro Funakoshi
  • Mikio Nakano

Comparison of Human Safety Metrics based on Safety, Efficiency and Comfort Criteria

  • Gustavo Alfonso Garcia Ricardez
  • Jun Takamatsu
  • Tsukasa Ogasawara

Co-adaptive Relationships with Creative Tasks

  • Sara Garver
  • Caroline Harriott
  • Krysta Chauncey
  • Meredith Cunha

The Influence of Social Cues and Controlling Language on Agent’s Expertise, Sociability, and Trustworthiness

  • Aimi Shazwani Ghazali
  • Jaap Ham
  • Emilia Barakova
  • Panos Markopoulos

Exploring Different Types of Feedback in Preschooler and Robot Interaction

  • Mirjam de Haas
  • Peta Baxter
  • Chiara de Jong
  • Emiel Krahmer
  • Paul Vogt

Touch or Talk?: Comparing Social Robots and Tablet PCs for an Elderly Assistant Recommender System

  • Stephan Hammer
  • Kim Kirchner
  • Elisabeth André
  • Birgit Lugrin

Patterns of Use: How Older Adults with Progressed Dementia Interact with a Robot

  • Denise Viktoria Hebesberger
  • Christian Dondrup
  • Christoph Gisinger
  • Marc Hanheide

A Model of Emotion for Empathic Communication

  • Chie Hieida
  • Takayuki Nagai

Qualitative Analysis of the Application of Self-Determination Theory in Robotics Tournaments

  • Lixiao Huang

Developing Human-Robot Interaction for an Industry 4.0 Robot: How Industry Workers Helped to Improve Remote-HRI to Physical-HRI

  • Andreas Huber
  • Astrid Weiss

Intention Detection for Dexterous Human Arm Motion with FSR Sensor Bands

  • Muhammad Raza Ul Islam
  • Shaoping Bai

Evaluation of Hands-free Human-Robot Interaction Using a Head Gesture Based Interface

  • Anja Jackowski
  • Marion Gebhard

Body-swapping Experiment with an Android: Investigation of the Relationship Between Agency and a Sense of Ownership toward a different Body

  • Masa Jazbec
  • Shuichi Nishio
  • Hiroshi Ishiguro
  • Masataka Okubo
  • Christian Peñaloza

It Gets Worse Before it Gets Better: Timing of Instructions in Close Human-Robot Collaboration

  • Lars Christian Jensen
  • Kerstin Fischer
  • Franziska Kirstein
  • Dadhichi Shukla
  • Özgur Erkennt
  • Justus Piater

A Study on ROS Vulnerabilities and Countermeasure

  • Se-Yeon Jeong
  • I-Ju Choi
  • Yeong-Jin Kim
  • Yong-Min Shin
  • Jeong-Hun Han
  • Goo-Hong Jung
  • Kyoung-Gon Kim

A Guide Robot at the Airport: First Impressions

  • Michiel Joosse
  • Vanessa Evers

Tablet-Based Augmented Reality in the Factory: Influence of Knowledge in Computer Programming on Robot Teaching Tasks

  • Kevin Sebastian Kain
  • Susanne Stadler
  • Manuel Giuliani
  • Nicole Mirnig
  • Gerald Stollnberger
  • Manfred Tscheligi

The Effects of Transparency and Task Type on Trust, Stress, Quality of Work, and Co-Worker Preference During Human-Autonomous System Collaborative Work

  • Kari Kallinen

Feel Me If You Can: The Effect of Robot Types and Robot’s Tactility Types on Users’ Perception toward a Robot

  • Dahyun Kang
  • Sonya S. Kwak

Studying Coevolution between Social Robots and their Stakeholders

  • Tsubasa Kasai
  • Erina Okamura
  • Fumihide Tanaka

Playing the Mirror Game with a Robot: Who Takes the Lead, and What Movements Are Most

  • Shir Kashi
  • Amit Loutati
  • Shelly Levy-Tzedek

A Human-Robot Cooperative Navigation Planner

  • Harmish Khambhaita
  • Rachid Alami

Signaling Robot State with Light Attributes

  • Yunkyung Kim
  • Terry Fong

An Imperfectly Perfect Robot: Discovering Interaction Design Strategy for Learning Companion

  • Hyun Young Kim
  • Bomyeong Kim
  • Soojin Jun
  • Jinwoo Kim

Privacy, Utility, and Cognitive Load in Remote Presence Systems

  • Jeffrey Klow
  • Jordan Proby
  • Matthew Rueben
  • Ross T. Sowell
  • Cindy M. Grimm
  • William D. Smart

Owners of Artificial Intelligence Systems are More Easily Blamed Compared with System Designers in Moral Dilemma Tasks

  • Takanori Komatsu

Preliminary Survey Analysis in Participatory Design: Repositioning, Transferring, and Personal Care Robots

  • Kavita Krishnaswamy
  • Srinivas Moorthy
  • Tim Oates

A Distributed Monitoring Approach for Human Interaction with Multi-Robot Systems

  • Prashanth Krishnamurthy
  • Farshad Khorrami

Privacy and Telepresence Robotics: What do Non-scientists Think?

  • Margaret Mary Krupp
  • Matthew Rueben
  • Cindy M. Grimm
  • William D. Smart

Robots as Conversational Mediators

  • Ekaterina Kynev
  • Nicolas Monet
  • Christophe Legras
  • Matthias Gallé

Concept of Operations Development for Autonomous and Semi-Autonomous Swarm of Robotic Vehicles

  • Jari Laarni
  • Hanna Koskinen
  • Antti Väätänen

A System Architecture for Hands-Free UAV Drone Control Using Intuitive Voice Commands

  • Megan Landau
  • Sebastian van Delden

Durable and Repairable Soft Tactile Skin for Physical Human Robot Interaction

  • Hyosang Lee
  • Kyungseo Park
  • Yunjoo Kim
  • Jung Kim

Student Perceptions: The Test of Spatial Contiguity and Gestures for Robot Instructors

  • Karina R. Liles
  • Clifton D. Perry
  • Scotty D. Craig
  • Jenay M. Beer

The Hybrid Ethical Reasoning Agent IMMANUEL

  • Felix Lindner
  • Martin Mose Bentzen

R3D3: The Rolling Receptionist Robot with Double Dutch Dialogue

  • Jeroen Linssen
  • Mariët Theune

The Impact of Non-Technical skills on Trust and Stress

  • Monika Lohani
  • Charlene K. Stokes
  • Kevin B. Oden
  • Spencer J. Frazier
  • Kevin J. Landers
  • Patrick L. Craven
  • Durrell V. Lawton
  • Marissa McCoy
  • David J. Macannuco

Effects of Using Indirect Language by a Robot to Change Human Attitudes

  • Alexander Lopez
  • Bryan Ccasane
  • Renato Paredes
  • Francisco Cuellar

What Kind of Mind Do I Want in My Robot?: Developing a Measure of Desired Mental Capacities in Social Robots

  • Bertram F. Malle
  • Stuti Thapa Magar

Emotionally Modulated Time Perception for Prioritized Robot Assistance

  • Michail Maniadakis
  • Sylvie Droit-Volet
  • Panos Trahanias

In-Situ Design and Development of a Socially Assistive Robot for Paediatric Rehabilitation

  • Felip Martí Carrillo
  • Jo Butchart
  • Sarah Knight
  • Adam Scheinberg
  • Lisa Wise
  • Leon Sterling
  • Chris McCarthy

Using Persona, Scenario, and Use Case to Develop a Human-Robot Augmented Reality Collaborative Workspace

  • Zdeněk Materna
  • Michal Kapinus
  • Vítězslav Beran
  • Pavel SmrĚ
  • Manuel Giuliani
  • Nicole Mirnig
  • Susanne Stadler
  • Gerald Stollnberger
  • Manfred Tscheligi

Considerations for Presence in Teleoperation

  • Sean A. McGlynn
  • Wendy A. Rogers

In the Face of Emotion: A Behavioral Study on Emotions Towards a Robot Using the Facial Action Coding System

  • Isabelle M. Menne
  • Birgit Lugrin

Handovers and Resumption of Control in Semi-Autonomous Vehicles: What the Automotive Domain can Learn from Human-Robot-Interaction

  • Alexander G. Mirnig
  • Susanne Stadler
  • Manfred Tscheligi

Three Strategies for Autonomous Car-to-Pedestrian Communication: A Survival Guide

  • Nicole Mirnig
  • Nicole Perterer
  • Gerald Stollnberger
  • Manfred Tscheligi

Elements of Humor: How Humans Perceive Verbal and Non-verbal Aspects of Humorous Robot Behavior

  • Nicole Mirnig
  • Gerald Stollnberger
  • Manuel Giuliani
  • Manfred Tscheligi

A Multimodal Robot Based Model for the Preservation of Intangible Cultural Heritage

  • Melissa Montalvo
  • Eduardo Calle-Ortiz
  • Juan Chica

Self-Training System of Calligraphy Brushwork

  • Ami Morikawa
  • Naoaki Tsuda
  • Yoshihiko Nomura
  • Norihiko Kato

Impact of Robot Initiative on Human-Robot Collaboration

  • Thibaut Munzer
  • Yoan Mollard
  • Manuel Lopes

Who is a Better Tutor?: Gaze Hints with a Human or Humanoid Tutor in Game Play

  • Eunice Njeri Mwangi
  • Emilia I. Barakova
  • Marta Díaz
  • Andreu Català Mallofré
  • Matthias Rauterberg

Does Being Hugged by a Robot Encourage Prosocial Behavior?

  • Aya Nakata
  • Masahiro Shiomi
  • Masayuki Kanbara
  • Norihiro Hagita

Does a Reciprocated Hug from a Robot Encourage Self-Disclosure?

  • Aya Nakata
  • Masahiro Shiomi
  • Masayuki Kanbara
  • Norihiro Hagita

Monitoring the Acceptance of a Social Service Robot in a Shopping Mall: First Results

  • Marketta Niemelä
  • Anne Arvola
  • lina Aaltonen

A Social Service Robot in a Shopping Mall: Expectations of the Management, Retailers and Consumers

  • Marketta Niemelä
  • Päivi Heikkilä
  • Hanna Lammi

A Shared-Agent System for Encouraging Remote Communication over Three Generations: The First Prototype

  • Yohei Noguchi
  • Fumihide Tanaka

How Different Types of Animal Robots Differently Influence Elder and Younger People’s Mental States?

  • Tatsuya Nomura
  • Yuichi Hoshina

Toward End-User Programming for Robots in Stores

  • Yoha Oishi
  • Takayuki Kanda
  • Masayuki Kanbara
  • Satoru Satake
  • Norihiro Hagita

Evaluation of a Manipulator Control Interface That Employs Touch Gestures and Voice Shortcuts

  • Tetsushi Oka
  • Kosuke Ichikawa

Real-Time Predictive Control of an UR5 Robotic Arm Through Human Upper Limb Motion Tracking

  • Bukeikhan Omarali
  • Tasbolat Taunyazov
  • Askhat Bukeyev
  • Almas Shintemirov

Design Principle for Social Robot Behavior Based on Communication Activity

  • Tetsuo Ono
  • Nagisa Munekata

What is Real Risk and Benefit on Work with Robots?: From the Analysis of a Robot Hotel

  • Hirotaka Osawa
  • Arisa Ema
  • Hiromitsu Hattori
  • Naonori Akiya
  • Nobutsugu Kanzaki
  • Akinori Kubo
  • Tora Koyama
  • Ryutaro Ichise

Dear My Hand: Enhancement of Physical Exercise by Body Part Anthropomorphization

  • Hirotaka Osawa
  • Daisuke Nakahara

Exploring the Link between Self-assessed Mimicry and Embodiment in HRI

  • Maike Paetzel
  • Isabelle Hupont
  • Giovanna Varni
  • Mohamed Chetouani
  • Christopher Peters
  • Ginevra Castellano

Towards Real-time Probabilistic Evaluation of Situation Awareness from Human Gaze in Human-Robot Interaction

  • Lucas Paletta
  • Amir Dini
  • Cornelia Murko
  • Saeed Yahyanejad
  • Michael Schwarz
  • Gerald Lodron
  • Stefan Ladstätter
  • Gerhard Paar
  • Rosemarie Velik

Initial Interaction Concept for a Robotic Toilet System

  • Paul Panek
  • Peter Mayer

How Robots Persuasion based on Personality Traits May Affect Human Decisions

  • Raul Benites Paradeda
  • Maria José Ferreira
  • João Dias
  • Ana Paiva

Reducing Operator Workload for Indoor Navigation of Autonomous Robots via Multimodal Sensor Fusion

  • Naman Patel
  • Prashanth Krishnamurthy
  • Yi Fang
  • Farshad Khorrami

Estimating F-Formations for Mobile Robotic Telepresence

  • Sai Krishna Pathi
  • Andrey Kiselev
  • Amy Loutfi

Social HRI for People with Dementia: One Size Fits All?

  • Giulia Perugia
  • Marta Díaz Boladeras
  • Emilia Barakova
  • Andreu Català Mallofré
  • Matthias Rauterberg

Autonomy in Human-Robot Interaction Scenarios for Entertainment

  • Raúl Pérula-Martínez
  • Álvaro Castro-González
  • María Malfaz
  • Miguel A. Salichs

Potential Based Reward Shaping Using Learning to Rank

  • Syed Ali Raza
  • Mary-Anne Williams

Exploring Gridmap-based Interfaces for the Remote Control of UAVs under Bandwidth Limitations

  • Maik Riestock
  • Frank Engelhardt
  • Sebastian Zug
  • Nico Hochgeschwender

Real-Time Robot Personality Adaptation based on Reinforcement Learning and Social Signals

  • Hannes Ritschel
  • Elisabeth André

Leveraging User Activities and Mobile Robots for Semantic Mapping and User Localization

  • Stefano Rosa
  • Xiaoxuan Lu
  • Hongkai Wen
  • Niki Trigoni

Towards an Adaptive User Monitoring Based on Personality and Activity Recognition

  • Silvia Rossi
  • Giovanni Ercolano
  • Mariacarla Staffa

Teaching and Learning using Semantic Labels

  • Sayanti Roy
  • Harshal Maske
  • Girish Chowdhary
  • Christopher Crick

Dynamic Perceptions of Human-Likeness While Interacting With a Social Robot

  • Peter Ruijten
  • Raymond Cuijpers

Initial Phase of Communication through Embodied Interaction with Simple-Shape Robot

  • Takafumi Sakamoto
  • Yugo Takeuchi

Does the User’s Evaluation of a Socially Assistive Robot Change Based on Presence and Companionship Type?

  • Sebastian Schneider
  • Franz Kummert

Can a Robot Wake a Sleeping Person Up by Giving Him or Her a Nudge?

  • Daiki Sekiya
  • Tsuyoshi Nakamura
  • Masayoshi Kanoh
  • Koji Yamada

Leveraging Human Inputs in Interactive Machine Learning for Human Robot Interaction

  • Emmanuel Senft
  • Séverin Lemaignan
  • Paul E. Baxter
  • Tony Belpaeme

A Benefit of Thinking Like a Robot

  • Solace Shen
  • Malte F. Jung

Deep Reinforcement Learning Using Neurophysiological Signatures of Interest

  • Victor Shih
  • David Jangraw
  • Sameer Saproo
  • Paul Sajda

Time-Aware Long-term Episodic Memory for Recurring HRI

  • Markos Sigalas
  • Michail Maniadakis
  • Panos Trahanias

Ontology-Based Situation Awareness Support for Shared Control: Extended Abstract

  • Nanja J.J.M. Smets
  • Mark A. Neerincx
  • Catholijn M. Jonker
  • Fredrik Båberg

Industrial Human-Robot Interaction: Creating Personas for Augmented Reality supported Robot Control and Teaching

  • Susanne Stadler
  • Nicole Mirnig
  • Manuel Giuliani
  • Manfred Tscheligi
  • Zdenek Materna
  • Michal Kapinus

Understanding Attitudes of Adults Aging with Mobility Impairments toward Telepresence Robots

  • Rachel E. Stuck
  • Jordan Q. Hartley
  • Tracy L. Mitzner
  • Jenay M. Beer
  • Wendy A. Rogers

NAO-Dance Therapy for Children with ASD

  • Ryo Suzuki
  • Jaeryoung Lee
  • Ognjen Rudovic

Learning from Human Collaborative Experience: Robot Learning via Crowdsourcing of Human-Robot Interaction

  • Jeffrey Too Chuan Tan
  • Yoshinobu Hagiwara
  • Tetsunari Inamura

Social Attitudes Toward Robots are Easily Manipulated

  • Sam Thellman
  • Tom Ziemke

Does Robot’s Human-based Gaze and Head Nodding Behavior Really Win Over Non-human-based Behavior in Human-robot Interaction?

  • Chidchanok Thepsoonthorn
  • Ken-ichiro Ogawa
  • Yoshihiro Miyake

Self-Coaching of Forearm Pass with Humanoid Robot

  • Shigehiro Toyama
  • Ayami Kosaka
  • Fujio Ikeda
  • Takeshi Yasaka

Modeling Workload: A System Theory Approach

  • Martina Truschzinski

Exploring the Uncanny Valley Effect in Social Robotics

  • Nico Tschöpe
  • Julian Elias Reiser
  • Michael Oehl

Human-Robot Trust: Just a Button Press Away

  • Daniel Ullman
  • Bertram F. Malle

Social Common Sense Modeling of a Spread-out Queue in Public Space for a Service Robot

  • Kana Uotani
  • Masayuki Kanbara
  • Shogo Nishimura
  • Takayuki Kanbara
  • Satoru Satake
  • Norihiro Hagita

The Influence of a Robot’s Embodiment on Trust: A Longitudinal Study

  • Anouk van Maris
  • Hagen Lehmann
  • Lorenzo Natale
  • Beata Grzyb

Novel Safety Concept for Safeguarding and Supporting Humans in Human-Robot Shared Workplaces with High-Payload Robots in Industrial Applications

  • Christian Vogel
  • Norbert Elkmann

Foreign Language Tutoring for Young Adults with Severe Learning Problems

  • Paul Vogt
  • Sherily Dunk
  • Paul Poos

Towards an Architecture for collaborative Human Robot Interaction in Physiotherapeutic Applications

  • Wolfgang Weiss
  • Ferdinand Fuhrmann
  • Herwig Zeiner
  • Roland Unterberger

“It’s not my Fault!”: Investigating the Effects of the Deceptive Behaviour of a Humanoid Robot

  • Luc Wijnen
  • Joost Coenen
  • Beata Grzyb

Culturally Responsive Social Robotics Instruction for Middle School Girls

  • Andrew B. Williams
  • Kathleen Baert
  • Adrianna Williams

An Evaluation of a Telepresence Robot: User Testing among Older Adults with Mobility Impairment

  • Xian Wu
  • Rebecca Thomas
  • Emma Drobina
  • Tracy Mitzner
  • Jenay Beer

Towards the Quantification of Human-Robot Imitation Using Wearable Inertial Sensors

  • Miguel P. Xochicale
  • Chris Baber
  • Mourad Oussalah

Online Adaptive Teleoperation via Incremental Intent Modeling

  • Xuning Yang
  • Koushil Sreenath
  • Nathan Michael

I Can Help You: Altruistic Behaviors from Children towards a Robot at a Kindergarten

  • Yuuki Yasumatsu
  • Taichi Sono
  • Komei Hasegawa
  • Michita Imai

A Remote Management for School Emergency Situations using Perception Sensor Network and Interactive Robots

  • Sang-Seok Yun
  • JongSuk Choi

Social Human-Robot Interaction for the Elderly: Two Real-life Use Cases

  • Athanasia Zlatintsi
  • Isidoros Rodomagoulakis
  • Vassilis Pitsikalis
  • Petros Koutras
  • Nikolaos Kardaris
  • Xanthi Papageorgiou
  • Costas Tzafestas
  • Petros Maragos

SESSION: Pioneer Workshop Submissions

Developing Learning Scenarios to Foster Children’s Handwriting Skills with the Help of Social Robots

  • Shruti Chandra
  • Pierre Dillenbourg
  • Ana Paiva

Interactive Personalization for Socially Assistive Robots

  • Caitlyn E. Clabaugh

Disfluency Handling for Robot Teammates

  • Felix Gervits

Enabling Rapid End-to-End Programming of Mobile Manipulators

  • Justin Huang

Toward Robotic Companions that Enhance Psychological Wellbeing with Smartphone Technology

  • Sooyeon Jeong
  • Cynthia Breazeal

Leveraging the Crowd to Capture Highly Variable Task Models

  • David Kent

Decoding Perceived Hazardousness from User’s Brain States to Shape Human-Robot Interaction

  • Henrich Kolkhorst
  • Michael Tangermann
  • Wolfram Burgard

Participatory Design: Repositioning, Transferring, and Personal Care Robots

  • Kavita Krishnaswamy

How Can Social Robots Motivate Students to Practice Math?

  • Karina R. Liles
  • De’Aira G. Bryant
  • Jenay M. Beer

The Needfinding Machine

  • Nikolas Martelaro
  • Wendy Ju

Designing Algorithms For Socially Competent Robotic Navigation

  • Christoforos Mavrogiannis
  • Ross A. Knepper

Acquiring Human-Robot Interaction skills with Transfer Learning Techniques

  • Omar Mohammed
  • Gerard Bailly
  • Damien Pellier

Trust Calibration through Reliability Displays in Automated Vehicles

  • Brittany E. Noah
  • Bruce N. Walker

A Multidimensional Perspective on the Uncanny Valley Effect: Studying the Interplay Between a Robot’s Appearance and Interaction Strategy

  • Maike Paetzel

Combining Chat and Task-Based Multimodal Dialogue for More Engaging HRI: A Scalable Method Using Reinforcement Learning

  • Ioannis Papaioannou
  • Oliver Lemon

Persuasion Based on Personality Traits: Using a Social Robot as Storyteller

  • Raul Benites Paradeda
  • Carlos Martinho
  • Ana Paiva

Robot-assisted Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnostics using POMDPs

  • Frano Petric
  • Damjan Miklic
  • Zdenko Kovacic

Methods for Effective Mimicry-based Teleoperation of Robot Arms

  • Daniel Rakita

Unconventional Formats of Background Knowledge from Human Teacher in Reward Shaping

  • Syed Ali Raza
  • Mary-Anne Williams

Investigating Human Perceptions of Trust in Robots for Safe HRI in Home Environments

  • Alessandra Rossi
  • Kerstin Dautenhahn
  • Kheng Lee Koay
  • Joe Saunders

Natural Language Explanations in Human-Collaborative Systems

  • Rosario Scalise
  • Stephanie Rosenthal
  • Siddhartha Srinivasa

Using Robot Manipulation to Assist Navigation by People Who Are Blind or Low Vision

  • Xiang Zhi Tan
  • Aaron Steinfeld

Designing Lifelikeness in Interactive and Robotic Objects

  • Haodan Tan
  • Selma Sabanovic

Responsive Social Positioning Behaviors for Semi-Autonomous Telepresence Robots

  • Jered Vroon

Robot-Human Collaboration for Improving Patient Care in Infectious Disease Environments

  • Austin A. Whitesell

Something in The Way It Moves and Beeps: Exploring Minimal Nonverbal Robot Behavior for Child-Robot Interaction

  • Cristina Zaga

SESSION: SR Competition Abstracts

Alba: Educational Assistant for Kindergarten Teachers

  • Elizabeth Albarracin Velasquez
  • Einer Porras Solorzano

ChilDish: The Smart Plate and Cup for Children

  • Seo Yoon Han
  • Eun Ji Kang

The Intelligent Paper House for Kids

  • Jihyun Ju
  • Somin Lee
  • Seyoun Kim

The Interactive Drawing Book

  • Ji Young Min
  • Gyeong Sun Kim

Raven: A Street Robot to Address Homelessness

  • Haodan Tan
  • Fuchang Yang
  • Nava Teja Tummalapalli
  • Chetan Bhatia
  • Kaustubh Barde

Snoozle — A Robotic Pillow That Helps You Go to Sleep: HRI 2017 Student Design Competition

  • Jered Vroon
  • Cristina Zaga
  • Daniel Davison
  • Jan Kolkmeier
  • Jeroen Linssen


Robust Motion Detection and Tracking for Human-Robot Interaction

  • Ester Martinez-Martin
  • Angel P. del Pobil

SESSION: Video Presentations

Personal Safety is More Important Than Cost of Damage During Robot Failure

  • Obehioye Adubor
  • Rhomni St. John
  • Aaron Steinfeld

Child-Robot Theater: STEAM Education in an Afterschool Program

  • Jaclyn Barnes
  • Maryam FakhrHosseini
  • Eric Vasey
  • Zackery Duford
  • Joseph Ryan
  • Myounghoon Jeon

Unique Platform for Observing/Evaluating Various Levels of Interaction between Human and Industrial Robot

  • Mohamad Bdiwi
  • Marco Breitfeld
  • Matthias Putz

Learning with Charlie: A robot buddy for children with diabetes

  • Olivier A. Blanson Henkemans
  • Sylvia Van der Pal
  • Ilja Werner
  • Mark A. Neerincx
  • Rosemarijn Looije

Engaging Children as a Storyteller: Backchanneling Models for Social Robots

  • Mirko Gelsomini
  • Hae Won Park
  • Jin Joo Lee
  • Cynthia Breazeal

Robot’s Delight: A Lyrical Exposition on Learning by Imitation from Human-human Interaction

  • Dylan F. Glas
  • Malcolm Doering
  • Phoebe Liu
  • Takayuki Kanda
  • Hiroshi Ishiguro

EDAN: EMG-controlled Daily Assistant

  • Annette Hagengruber
  • Daniel Leidner
  • Jörn Vogel

ROBOTMAN: Security Robot for Human-robot Interaction Inside Malls

  • Jose Alexander López
  • Francisco Cuéllar

Sky Sky Sky: Exploring End-of-Life Care Through Theatrical HRI

  • David V. Lu
  • William D. Smart
  • Annamaria Pileggi

SLHAP: Simultaneous Learning of Hierarchy and Primitives

  • Anahita Mohseni-Kabir
  • Changshuo Li
  • Victoria Wu
  • Daniel Miller
  • Benjamin Hylak
  • Sonia Chernova
  • Dmitry Berenson
  • Candace Sidner
  • Charles Rich

iBones: A Weak Robot to Construct Mutual Coordination for Handing Out Tissue Packs

  • Yusaku Nishiwaki
  • Masugi Furukawa
  • Soshi Yoshikawa
  • Nihan Karatas
  • Michio Okada

Real-Time Predictive Control of an UR5 Robotic Arm Through Human Upper Limb Motion Tracking

  • Bukeikhan Omarali
  • Tasbolat Taunyazov
  • Askhat Bukeyev
  • Almas Shintemirov

Two Bots, One Brain: Component Sharing in Cognitive Robotic Architectures

  • Bradley Oosterveld
  • Luca Brusatin
  • Matthias Scheutz

A Theatrical Mobile-Dexterous Robot Directed through Shared Autonomy

  • Claudia Pérez-D’Arpino
  • Peter Agoos
  • Andrew Zamore
  • David R. Gammons
  • Evie Kyritsis
  • Julie A. Shah

Controlling a Semi-Autonomous Robot Team From a Virtual Environment

  • Steffen Planthaber
  • Michael Maurus
  • Bertold Bongardt
  • Martin Mallwitz
  • Luis Manuel Vaca Benitnez
  • Leif Christensen
  • Florian Cordes
  • Roland Sonsalla
  • Tobias Stark
  • Thomas Roehr

Picassnake: Robot Performance Art

  • Stela H. Seo
  • James E. Young


“All for One and One for All”: Systematic Data Collection and Sharing to Advance Socially Assistive Robots

  • Momotaz Begum
  • Selma Sabanovic

ReHRI’17 – Towards Reproducible HRI Experiments: Scientific Endeavors, Benchmarking and Standardization

  • Dimitrios Chrysostomou
  • Paolo Barattini
  • Jonah Kildal
  • Yue Wang
  • Jacopo Fo
  • Kerstin Dautenhahn
  • Francois Ferland
  • Adriana Tapus
  • Gurvinder S. Virk

Workshop on Robots for Learning: R4L

  • Wafa Johal
  • Paul Vogt
  • James Kennedy
  • Mirjam de Haas
  • Ana Paiva
  • Ginevra Castellano
  • Sandra Okita
  • Fumihide Tanaka
  • Tony Belpaeme
  • Pierre Dillenbourg

Privacy-Sensitive Robotics

  • Matthew Rueben
  • William D. Smart
  • Cindy M. Grimm
  • Maya Cakmak

The Role of Intentions in Human-Robot Interaction

  • Serge Thill
  • Tom Ziemke

Growing-Up Hand in Hand with Robots: Designing and Evaluating Child-Robot Interaction from a Developmental Perspective

  • Cristina Zaga
  • Vicky Charisi
  • Bob Schadenberg
  • Dennis Reidsma
  • Mark Neerincx
  • Tony Prescott
  • Michael Zillich
  • Paul Verschure
  • Vanessa Evers