Accepted workshops and tutorials announced

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We have 1 tutorial and 6 workshops accepted for HRI 2017. Read more on the Tutorial/Workshop page. All tutorials and workshops are scheduled for Monday, March 6, 2017.

Here the titles of accepted tutorials and workshops:

  • Tutorial 1: Robust Motion Detection and Tracking for Human-Robot Interaction
  • Workshop 1: The Role of Intentions in HRI
  • Workshop 2: Privacy-Sensitive Robotics
  • Workshop 3: Robots for Learning
  • Workshop 4: Towards Reproducible HRI Experiments: Scientific Endeavours, Benchmarking and Standardization
  • Workshop 5: Growing-Up Hand in Hand with Robots: Designing and Evaluating Child-Robot Interaction from a Developmental Perspective
  • Workshop 6: Clinically Meaningful Advancements of Socially Assistive Robots Through Systematic Data Collection and Sharing