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Human-Robot Interaction: A historical perspective and current research trends

Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) has recently received considerable attention in the academic community, in labs, in technology companies, and through the media. Because of this attention, it is desirable to present a survey of HRI to serve as a tutorial to people outside the field and to promote discussion of a unified vision of HRI within the field. The goal of this review is to present a unified treatment of HRI-related problems, to identify key themes, and discuss challenge problems that are likely to shape the field in the near future.

Our goal is to have a community-developed document, that becomes more comprehensive over time. As a starting point, we (Alan Schultz and Mike Goodrich) recently published (2007) a survey of HRI.  The publisher has granted permission to include a copy of this paper here, in the hopes that it will be the starting point for a document that reflects new perspectives on HRI and includes emerging themes in the field.   The reference and a link to the paper is below.  We invite members of the community to edit and expand on this survey. To make an edit, please contact either of us ( or with a very brief message about which section(s) you intend to edit, and the nature of your edit.

Note that the information about purchasing the paper from the publisher is included as part of the permission to post copyrighted material.

M. A. Goodrich and A. C. Schultz. Human-Robot Interaction: A Survey. Foundations and Trends in Human-Computer Interaction, 1(3), 2007, pp 203-275. You can access a free copy of the paper here. A printed and bound version of this article is available at a 50% discount from Now Publishers. This can be obtained by entering the promotional code HCI001003 on the order form at now publishers.