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Tutorials and Workshops at HRI2008



Workshops are an opportunity for participants to meet other members of the HRI community, to discuss problems and to present their ideas around a common topic. Three workshops will be offered at HRI2008. Two of them are full-day and one is half-day. All of them take place at the conference site, Felix Meritis Cultural Center, Amsterdam. The participants in a workshop are required to register at the conference as well. 

The three workshops are somewhat different in organization and the type of submission solicited. The submissions will be subjected to a peer review process. 


Follow the links below to learn more about each workshop.

Workshop 1: Metrics for Human-Robot Interaction

Workshop 2: Coding Behavioral Video Data and Reasoning Data in Human-Robot Interaction

Workshop 3: Robotic Helpers: User Interaction, Interfaces and Companions in Assistive and Therapy Robotics