Living with Robots

Conference Theme

Today's robots require human-robot interaction (HRI) capabilities designed for the increasing variety of environments and contexts in which they operate. Teleoperation techniques are important in domains such as search-and-rescue, military operations, and space exploration, whereas human-like communications capabilities are necessary for robots operating in every day settings such as home, office, shopping, and museum environments. In both cases, HRI is essential in enabling robots to transcend the role of mere tools and begin to collaborate with humans to accomplish complex tasks. The Third Annual International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction is dedicated to these and other issues in HRI. The theme of HRI2008, "Living With Robots", highlights the importance of the technical and social issues underlying long-term human-robot interation towards companion and assistive robots for long-term use in everyday life and work activities. HRI is a single-track, highly selective annual conference that seeks to showcase the very best interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research in human-robot interaction with roots in psychology, cognitive science, HCI, human factors, artificial intelligence, and robotics, and we invite broad participation.

Scope of the Conference

  • Robot companions
  • Lifelike robots
  • Assistive (health & personal care) robotics
  • Remote robots
  • Mixed initiative interaction
  • Multi-modal interaction
  • Long-term interaction with robots
  • Awareness and monitoring of humans
  • Task allocation and coordination
  • Autonomy and trust
  • Robot-team learning
  • User studies of HRI
  • Experiments on HRI collaboration
  • Ethnography and field studies
  • HRI software architectures
  • HRI foundations
  • Metrics for teamwork
  • HRI group dynamics
  • Individual vs. group HRI
  • Robot intermediaries
  • Risks such as privacy and safety
  • Ethical issues of HRI
  • Organizational/societal impact