HRI 2010 — Osaka, Japan

Robots are becoming part of people’s everyday social lives — and will increasingly become so. In future years, robots may become caretaking assistants for the elderly, or academic tutors for our children, or medical assistants, day care assistants, or psychological counsellors. Robots may become our co-workers in factories and offices, or maids in our homes. They may become our friends. As we move to create our future with robots, hard problems in human-robot interaction (HRI) exist, both technically and socially. The Fifth Annual Conference on HRI sought to take up grand technical and social challenges in the field — and speak to their integration. The conference was held in Osaka, Japan in March 2010. Out of 124 full paper submissions, 26 were included in the conference program. More information is available on the conference website.

Osaka, Japan image credit (used under a Creative Commons License).