Below is a list of accepted workshops. The workshop websites are hosted externally. Details and links will be added as soon as they become available.

Full-day Workshops

  • Test Methods and Metrics for Effective HRI in Real-World Human-Robot Teams
  • Human-Robot Medical Interaction
  • Assessing, Explaining, and Conveying Robot Proficiency for Human-Robot Teaming
  • Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality for Human-Robot Interaction (VAM-HRI)
  • The Forgotten in HRI: Incidental Encounters with Robots in Public Spaces
  • Exploring Creative Contents in Social Robotics

Half-day Workshops

morning session:

  • Behavioral Patterns and Interaction Modelling for Personalized HRI
  • Natural Language Generation for Human-Robot Interaction
  • Mental Models of Robots

afternoon session:

  • Affect and Embodiment in HRI
  • Autonomous Dialogue Technologies in Symbiotic Human-Robot Interaction
  • Social Cognition for HRI: Exploring the Relationship between Mindreading and Social Attunement in Human-Robot Interaction