HRI ’18- Proceedings of the 2018 ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction

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SESSION: Keynote Lectures

Robots and Us – Useful Roles of Robots in Human Society

  • Kerstin Dautenhahn

Autonomy in Human Environments

  • David A. Mindell

Building a Service Robotics Business-Challenges from the Field

  • Steve Cousins

SESSION: Session Tu-1A: Teleoperation and Shared Manipulation

Eye-Hand Behavior in Human-Robot Shared Manipulation

  • Reuben M. Aronson
  • Thiago Santini
  • Thomas C. Kübler
  • Enkelejda Kasneci
  • Siddhartha Srinivasa
  • Henny Admoni

Wait, Can You Move the Robot?: Examining Telepresence Robot Use in Collaborative Teams

  • Brett Stoll
  • Samantha Reig
  • Lucy He
  • Ian Kaplan
  • Malte F. Jung
  • Susan R. Fussell

Shared Dynamic Curves: A Shared-Control Telemanipulation Method for Motor Task Training

  • Daniel Rakita
  • Bilge Mutlu
  • Michael Gleicher
  • Laura M. Hiatt

It’s All in Your Head: Using Priming to Shape an Operator’s Perceptions and Behavior during Teleoperation

  • Daniel J. Rea
  • James E. Young

SESSION: Session Tu-1B: Tutoring and Child-Robot Interaction

Do Children Perceive Whether a Robotic Peer is Learning or Not?

  • Shruti Chandra
  • Raul Paradeda
  • Hang Yin
  • Pierre Dillenbourg
  • Rui Prada
  • Ana Paiva

The Effect of a Robot’s Gestures and Adaptive Tutoring on Children’s Acquisition of Second Language Vocabularies

  • Jan de Wit
  • Thorsten Schodde
  • Bram Willemsen
  • Kirsten Bergmann
  • Mirjam de Haas
  • Stefan Kopp
  • Emiel Krahmer
  • Paul Vogt

Thinking Aloud with a Tutoring Robot to Enhance Learning

  • Aditi Ramachandran
  • Chien-Ming Huang
  • Edward Gartland
  • Brian Scassellati

“Stop. I See a Conflict Happening.”: A Robot Mediator for Young Children’s Interpersonal Conflict Resolution

  • Solace Shen
  • Petr Slovak
  • Malte F. Jung

SESSION: Session Tu-2: Best Paper Nominees I

Improving Collocated Robot Teleoperation with Augmented Reality

  • Hooman Hedayati
  • Michael Walker
  • Daniel Szafir

Expressing Robot Incapability

  • Minae Kwon
  • Sandy H. Huang
  • Anca D. Dragan

Characterizing the Design Space of Rendered Robot Faces

  • Alisa Kalegina
  • Grace Schroeder
  • Aidan Allchin
  • Keara Berlin
  • Maya Cakmak

What is Human-like?: Decomposing Robots’ Human-like Appearance Using the Anthropomorphic roBOT (ABOT) Database

  • Elizabeth Phillips
  • Xuan Zhao
  • Daniel Ullman
  • Bertram F. Malle

Fribo: A Social Networking Robot for Increasing Social Connectedness through Sharing Daily Home Activities from Living Noise Data

  • Kwangmin Jeong
  • Jihyun Sung
  • Hae-Sung Lee
  • Aram Kim
  • Hyemi Kim
  • Chanmi Park
  • Yuin Jeong
  • JeeHang Lee
  • Jinwoo Kim

SESSION: Session We-1A: Machine Learning for HRI

Active Robot Learning for Temporal Task Models

  • Mattia Racca
  • Ville Kyrki

Learning from Richer Human Guidance: Augmenting Comparison-Based Learning with Feature Queries

  • Chandrayee Basu
  • Mukesh Singhal
  • Anca D. Dragan

Learning from Physical Human Corrections, One Feature at a Time

  • Andrea Bajcsy
  • Dylan P. Losey
  • Marcia K. O’Malley
  • Anca D. Dragan

DNN-HMM based Automatic Speech Recognition for HRI Scenarios

  • José Novoa
  • Jorge Wuth
  • Juan Pablo Escudero
  • Josué Fredes
  • Rodrigo Mahu
  • Néstor Becerra Yoma

Deep Reinforcement Learning of Abstract Reasoning from Demonstrations

  • Madison Clark-Turner
  • Momotaz Begum

SESSION: Session We-1B: Societal Issues: Abuse, Trust, Racism

Inducing Bystander Interventions During Robot Abuse with Social Mechanisms

  • Xiang Zhi Tan
  • Marynel Vázquez
  • Elizabeth J. Carter
  • Cecilia G. Morales
  • Aaron Steinfeld

The Ripple Effects of Vulnerability: The Effects of a Robot’s Vulnerable Behavior on Trust in Human-Robot Teams

  • Sarah Strohkorb Sebo
  • Margaret Traeger
  • Malte Jung
  • Brian Scassellati

Humans Conform to Robots: Disambiguating Trust, Truth, and Conformity

  • Nicole Salomons
  • Michael van der Linden
  • Sarah Strohkorb Sebo
  • Brian Scassellati

Robots And Racism

  • Christoph Bartneck
  • Kumar Yogeeswaran
  • Qi Min Ser
  • Graeme Woodward
  • Robert Sparrow
  • Siheng Wang
  • Friederike Eyssel

Mindless Robots get Bullied

  • Merel Keijsers
  • Christoph Bartneck

SESSION: Session We-2A: Designing Robots and Interactions

User-Centered Robot Head Design: a Sensing Computing Interaction Platform for Robotics Research (SCIPRR)

  • Anthony M. Harrison
  • Wendy M. Xu
  • J. Gregory Trafton

Bioluminescence-Inspired Human-Robot Interaction: Designing Expressive Lights that Affect Human’s Willingness to Interact with a Robot

  • Sichao Song
  • Seiji Yamada

Haru: Hardware Design of an Experimental Tabletop Robot Assistant

  • Randy Gomez
  • Deborah Szapiro
  • Kerl Galindo
  • Keisuke Nakamura

Iterative Design of an Upper Limb Rehabilitation Game with Tangible Robots

  • Arzu Guneysu Ozgur
  • Maximilian Jonas Wessel
  • Wafa Johal
  • Kshitij Sharma
  • Ayberk Özgür
  • Philippe Vuadens
  • Francesco Mondada
  • Friedhelm Christoph Hummel
  • Pierre Dillenbourg

SESSION: Session We-2B: Groups and Teams

Human-Robot Similarity and Willingness to Work with a Robotic Co-worker

  • Sangseok You
  • Lionel P. Robert Jr.

Group-based Emotions in Teams of Humans and Robots

  • Filipa Correia
  • Samuel Mascarenhas
  • Rui Prada
  • Francisco S. Melo
  • Ana Paiva

Where Should Robots Talk?: Spatial Arrangement Study from a Participant Workload Perspective

  • Takahiro Matsumoto
  • Mitsuhiro Goto
  • Ryo Ishii
  • Tomoki Watanabe
  • Tomohiro Yamada
  • Michita Imai

Friends or Foes?: Socioemotional Support and Gaze Behaviors in Mixed Groups of Humans and Robots

  • Raquel Oliveira
  • Patrícia Arriaga
  • Patrícia Alves-Oliveira
  • Filipa Correia
  • Sofia Petisca
  • Ana Paiva

SESSION: Session We-3: Best Paper Nominees II

Social Robots for Engagement in Rehabilitative Therapies: Design Implications from a Study with Therapists

  • Katie Winkle
  • Praminda Caleb-Solly
  • Ailie Turton
  • Paul Bremner

“Thank You for Sharing that Interesting Fact!”: Effects of Capability and Context on Indirect Speech Act Use in Task-Based Human-Robot Dialogue

  • Tom Williams
  • Daria Thames
  • Julia Novakoff
  • Matthias Scheutz

Planning with Trust for Human-Robot Collaboration

  • Min Chen
  • Stefanos Nikolaidis
  • Harold Soh
  • David Hsu
  • Siddhartha Srinivasa

Communicating Robot Motion Intent with Augmented Reality

  • Michael Walker
  • Hooman Hedayati
  • Jennifer Lee
  • Daniel Szafir

An Autonomous Dynamic Camera Method for Effective Remote Teleoperation

  • Daniel Rakita
  • Bilge Mutlu
  • Michael Gleicher

SESSION: Session Th-1A: Communicating with and without Speech

Multimodal Expression of Artificial Emotion in Social Robots Using Color, Motion and Sound

  • Diana Löffler
  • Nina Schmidt
  • Robert Tscharn

Getting to Know Each Other: The Role of Social Dialogue in Recovery from Errors in Social Robots

  • Gale M. Lucas
  • Jill Boberg
  • David Traum
  • Ron Artstein
  • Jonathan Gratch
  • Alesia Gainer
  • Emmanuel Johnson
  • Anton Leuski
  • Mikio Nakano

Observing Robot Touch in Context: How Does Touch and Attitude Affect Perceptions of a Robot’s Social Qualities?

  • Thomas Arnold
  • Matthias Scheutz

Social Momentum: A Framework for Legible Navigation in Dynamic Multi-Agent Environments

  • Christoforos I. Mavrogiannis
  • Wil B. Thomason
  • Ross A. Knepper

SESSION: Session Th-1B: Psychology and HRI

The Peculiarities of Robot Embodiment (EmCorp-Scale): Development, Validation and Initial Test of the Embodiment and Corporeality of Artificial Agents Scale

  • Laura Hoffmann
  • Nikolai Bock
  • Astrid M. Rosenthal v.d. Pütten

Be More Transparent and Users Will Like You: A Robot Privacy and User Experience Design Experiment

  • Jonathan Vitale
  • Meg Tonkin
  • Sarita Herse
  • Suman Ojha
  • Jesse Clark
  • Mary-Anne Williams
  • Xun Wang
  • William Judge

Futuristic Autobiographies: Weaving Participant Narratives to Elicit Values around Robots

  • EunJeong Cheon
  • Norman Makoto Su

SESSION: Session Th-2A: Rethinking Human-Robot Relationships

Social Cobots: Anticipatory Decision-Making for Collaborative Robots Incorporating Unexpected Human Behaviors

  • O. Can Görür
  • Benjamin Rosman
  • Fikret Sivrikaya
  • Sahin Albayrak

Design Methodology for the UX of HRI: A Field Study of a Commercial Social Robot at an Airport

  • Meg Tonkin
  • Jonathan Vitale
  • Sarita Herse
  • Mary-Anne Williams
  • William Judge
  • Xun Wang

SESSION: Session Th-2B: Coordination in Time and Space

Compact Real-time Avoidance on a Humanoid Robot for Human-robot Interaction

  • Dong Hai Phuong Nguyen
  • Matej Hoffmann
  • Alessandro Roncone
  • Ugo Pattacini
  • Giorgio Metta

Detecting Contingency for HRI in Open-World Environments

  • Elaine Schaertl Short
  • Mai Lee Chang
  • Andrea Thomaz

Effects of Robot Sound on Auditory Localization in Human-Robot Collaboration

  • Elizabeth Cha
  • Naomi T. Fitter
  • Yunkyung Kim
  • Terrence Fong
  • Maja J. Matarić

Evaluating Social Perception of Human-to-Robot Handovers Using the Robot Social Attributes Scale (RoSAS)

  • Matthew K.X.J. Pan
  • Elizabeth A. Croft
  • Günter Niemeyer