HRI ’18- Companion of the 2018 ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction

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SESSION: Alternative Track

Interacting with Anatomically Complete Robots: A Discussion About Human-robot Relationships

  • Christoph Bartneck
  • Matthew McMullen

Crucial Answers about Humanoid Capital

  • Brian Beaton

Social Psychology and Human-Robot Interaction: An Uneasy Marriage

  • Bahar Irfan
  • James Kennedy
  • Séverin Lemaignan
  • Fotios Papadopoulos
  • Emmanuel Senft
  • Tony Belpaeme

Agreeing to Interact: Understanding Interaction as Human-Robot Goal Conflicts

  • Kazuhiro Sasabuchi
  • Katsushi Ikeuchi
  • Masayuki Inaba

Design Strategies for Representing the Divine in Robots

  • Gabriele Trovato
  • Cesar Lucho
  • Alexander Huerta-Mercado
  • Francisco Cuellar

SESSION: Demonstrations

Therabot™: A Robotic Support Companion

  • Sarah Darrow
  • Aaron Kimbrell
  • Nikhil Lokhande
  • Nicholas Dinep-Schneider
  • T.J. Ciufo
  • Brandon Odom
  • Zachary Henkel
  • Cindy L. Bethel

Interaction with Soft Robotic Tentacles

  • Jonas Jørgensen

Designing Exoskeletons for Children: Overcoming Challenge Associated with Weight-bearing and Risk of Injury

  • Manmeet Maggu
  • Rahul Udasi
  • Dina Nikitina

Buddy: A Companion Robot for the Whole Family

  • Gregoire Milliez

MiRo: Social Interaction and Cognition in an Animal-like Companion Robot

  • Tony J. Prescott
  • Ben Mitchinson
  • Sebastian Conran
  • Tom Power
  • George Bridges

Behaviours and States for Human-Swarm Interaction Studies

  • David St-Onge
  • Jing Yang Kwek
  • Giovanni Beltrame

Blossom: A Tensile Social Robot Design with a Handcrafted Shell (Demo Abstract)

  • Michael Suguitan
  • Guy Hoffman

Development of Seamless Telepresence Robot Control Methods to Interact with the Environment Using Physiological Signals

  • Ker-Jiun Wang
  • Kaiwen You
  • Fangyi Chen
  • Prakash Thakur
  • Michael Urich
  • Soumya Vhasure
  • Zhi-Hong Mao

SESSION: Late-Breaking Reports

Swarm Transparency

  • Julie A. Adams
  • Jessie Y. C. Chen
  • Michael A. Goodrich

How Robots Impact Students’ Beliefs about Their Learning Skills

  • Francesca Agatolio
  • Patrik Pluchino
  • Valeria Orso
  • Emanuele Menegatti
  • Luciano Gamberini

Feedback Methods in HRI: Studying their effect on Real-Time Trust and Operator Workload

  • Siddharth Agrawal
  • Holly Yanco

Needs and Expectations for Fully Autonomous Vehicle Interfaces

  • Theocharis Amanatidis
  • Patrick Langdon
  • P. John Clarkson

Individual Differences Predict Anthropomorphism of Robots along One of Two Dimensions

  • Miriam E. Armstrong
  • Keith S. Jones

Extending SCIPRR: Two Sensor Case-Studies

  • Pranav Avasarala
  • Anthony M. Harrison

Robots Providing Cognitive Assistance in Shared Workspaces

  • Paul Baxter
  • Peter Lightbody
  • Marc Hanheide

Safe Human-Robot Interaction in Agriculture

  • Paul Baxter
  • Grzegorz Cielniak
  • Marc Hanheide
  • Pål From

Telepresence Group Leaders Receive Higher Ratings of Social Attractiveness and Leadership Quality

  • Austin J. Beattie
  • Chad Edwards
  • Mallory J. Williams

Gendered Robot Voices and Their Influence on Trust

  • Sofie Ingeman Behrens
  • Anne Katrine Kongsgaard Egsvang
  • Michael Hansen
  • Anton Mikkonen Møllegård-Schroll

Methods for Providing Indications of Robot Intent in Collaborative Human-Robot Tasks

  • Gal Bejerano
  • Gregory LeMasurier
  • Holly A. Yanco

Perception and Action in Remote and Virtual Environments

  • Sigal Berman
  • Tzvi Ganel

Teen-Robot Interaction: A Pilot Study of Engagement with a Low-fidelity Prototype

  • Elin A. Björling
  • Emma Rose
  • Rachel Ren

Your Touch Leaves Me Cold, Robot.

  • Nikolai Bock
  • Laura Hoffmann
  • Astrid Rosenthal-v. d. Pütten

Proof of Concept of a Social Robot for Patient Reported Outcome Measurements in Elderly Persons

  • Roel Boumans
  • Fokke van Meulen
  • Koen Hindriks
  • Mark Neerincx
  • Marcel Olde Rikkert

Coherence in One-Shot Gesture Recognition for Human-Robot Interaction

  • Maria E. Cabrera
  • Richard M. Voyles
  • Juan P. Wachs

The Hesitating Robot – Implementation and First Impressions

  • Birte Carlmeyer
  • Simon Betz
  • Petra Wagner
  • Britta Wrede
  • David Schlangen

Social Assistive Robot for Cardiac Rehabilitation: A Pilot Study with Patients with Angioplasty

  • Jonathan Casas
  • Bahar Irfan
  • Emmanuel Senft
  • Luisa Gutiérrez
  • Monica Rincon-Roncancio
  • Marcela Munera
  • Tony Belpaeme
  • Carlos A. Cifuentes

Social Haptic Interaction between Robots and Children with Disabilities

  • Álvaro Castro-González
  • Xiang Zhi Tan
  • Elizabeth Carter
  • Aaron Steinfeld

A Pervasive Assistive Robot System Including Projection-Camera Technology for Older Adults

  • Seungho Chae
  • Hyocheol Ro
  • Yoonsik Yang
  • Tack-Don Han

Dyadic Stance in Natural Language Communication with a Teachable Robot

  • Tricia Chaffey
  • Hyeji Kim
  • Emilia Nobrega
  • Nichola Lubold
  • Heather Pon-Barry

Month-long, In-home Case Study of a Socially Assistive Robot for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Caitlyn Clabaugh
  • David Becerra
  • Eric Deng
  • Gisele Ragusa
  • Maja Matarić

Sensing Companions: Potential Clinical Uses of Robot Sensor Data for Home Care of Older Adults with Depression

  • Sawyer Collins
  • Selma Ŝabanović
  • Marlena Fraune
  • Natasha Randall
  • Lori Eldridge
  • Jennifer A. Piatt
  • Casey C. Bennett
  • Shinichi Nagata

Adapting Robot-Assisted Therapy of Children with Autism and Different Levels of Intellectual Disability: A Preliminary Study

  • Daniela Conti
  • Alessandro Di Nuovo
  • Grazia Trubia
  • Serafino Buono
  • Santo Di Nuovo

User Study Results on Attitude Perception of a Mobile Robot

  • José Corujeira
  • José Luís Silva
  • Rodrigo Ventura

Strategies to Facilitate the Acceptance of a Social Robot by People with Dementia

  • Dagoberto Cruz-Sandoval
  • Jesus Favela
  • Eduardo B. Sandoval

People’s Judgments of Human and Robot Behaviors: A Robust Set of Behaviors and Some Discrepancies

  • Maartje M. A. de Graaf
  • Bertram F. Malle

Persistent Robot-Assisted Disaster Response

  • Joachim de Greeff
  • Tina Mioch
  • Willeke van Vught
  • Koen Hindriks
  • Mark A. Neerincx
  • Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová

Receiving Medical Treatment Plans from a Robot: Evaluations of Presence, Credibility, and Attraction

  • Chad Edwards
  • Autumn Edwards
  • Leah Omilion-Hodges

If You Give Students a Social Robot? – World Robot Summit Pilot Study

  • Amy Eguchi
  • Hiroyuki Okada

The Way You Move: The Effect of a Robot Surrogate Movement in Remote Collaboration

  • Martin Feick
  • Lora Oehlberg
  • Anthony Tang
  • André Miede
  • Ehud Sharlin

Differences between Young and Old Users when Interacting with a Humanoid Robot: A Qualitative Usability Study

  • Ronit Feingold Polak
  • Avital Elishay
  • Yonat Shachar
  • Maayan Stein
  • Yael Edan
  • Shelly Levy Tzedek

Evaluating the Effects of Personalized Appearance on Telepresence Robots for Education

  • Naomi T. Fitter
  • Yasmin Chowdhury
  • Elizabeth Cha
  • Leila Takayama
  • Maja J. Matarić

Teleoperation of a Robot through Audio-Visual Signal via Video Chat

  • Hisato Fukuda
  • Yoshinori Kobayashi
  • Yoshinori Kuno

Interaction Force Estimation for Quantitative Comfort Evaluation of an Eating Assistive Device

  • Gustavo A. Garcia Ricardez
  • Jorge Solis Alfaro
  • Jun Takamatsu
  • Tsukasa Ogasawara

Reasonable Perception: Connecting Vision and Language Systems for Validating Scene Descriptions

  • Leilani H. Gilpin
  • Cagri Zaman
  • Danielle Olson
  • Ben Z. Yuan

USAFA Robot Deathmatch: The Use of Robots to Model the System Engineering Process

  • Kerstin S. Haring
  • Victor Finomore
  • Brian Tidball

Explanations and Expectations: Trust Building in Automated Vehicles

  • Jacob Haspiel
  • Na Du
  • Jill Meyerson
  • Lionel P. Robert Jr.
  • Dawn Tilbury
  • X. Jessie Yang
  • Anuj K. Pradhan

Influence of Robophobia on Decision Making in a Court Scenario

  • Yugo Hayashi
  • Kosuke Wakabayashi

A Diagnostic Human Workload Assessment Algorithm for Human-Robot Teams

  • Jamison Heard
  • Rachel Heald
  • Caroline E. Harriott
  • Julie A. Adams

Bon Appetit! Robot Persuasion for Food Recommendation

  • Sarita Herse
  • Jonathan Vitale
  • Daniel Ebrahimian
  • Meg Tonkin
  • Suman Ojha
  • Sidra Sidra
  • Benjamin Johnston
  • Sophie Phillips
  • Siva Leela Krishna Chand Gudi
  • Jesse Clark
  • William Judge
  • Mary-Anne Williams

Decision-Making in Emotion Model

  • Chie Hieida
  • Takato Horii
  • Takayuki Nagai

The Benefits of Teaching Robots using VR Demonstrations

  • Astrid Jackson
  • Brandon D. Northcutt
  • Gita Sukthankar

Robot-Assisted Socio-Emotional Intervention Framework for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • Hifza Javed
  • Myounghoon Jeon
  • Ayanna Howard
  • Chung Hyuk Park

Trust in AV: An Uncertainty Reduction Model of AV-Pedestrian Interactions

  • Suresh Kumaar Jayaraman
  • Chandler Creech
  • Lionel P. Robert Jr.
  • Dawn M. Tilbury
  • X. Jessie Yang
  • Anuj K. Pradhan
  • Katherine M. Tsui

Cognitive Modeling of Remote-manual and Voice Controls for In-vehicle Human-automation Systems

  • Heejin Jeong
  • Yili Liu

Robots Exhibit Human Characteristics: Theoretical and Practical Implications for Anthropomorphism Research

  • Keith S. Jones
  • Madeline K. Niichel
  • Miriam E. Armstrong

Appeal and Perceived Naturalness of a Soft Robotic Tentacle

  • Jonas Jørgensen

Towards Interpreting Robotic System for Fingerspelling Recognition in Real Time

  • Nazerke Kalidolda
  • Anara Sandygulova

The Effects of the Physical Contact in the Functional Intimate Distance on User’s Acceptance toward Robots

  • Dahyun Kang
  • SunKyoung Kim
  • Sonya S. Kwak

Humans Can Predict Where Their Partner Would Make a Handover

  • Saki Kato
  • Natsuki Yamanobe
  • Gentiane Venture
  • Gowrishankar Ganesh

Excuse me! Perception of Abrupt Direction Changes Using Body Cues and Paths on Mixed Reality Avatars

  • Nicholas Katzakis
  • Frank Steinicke

Asking for Help Effectively via Modeling of Human Beliefs

  • Taylor Kessler Faulkner
  • Scott Niekum
  • Andrea Thomaz

The Use of Voice Input to Induce Human Communication with Banking Chatbots

  • Songhyun Kim
  • Junseok Goh
  • Soojin Jun

Developing a Vibrotactile Glove for Three-dimensional Haptic Information Sensing

  • Yunjoo Kim
  • Jung Kim

Behavior Design of a Robot in a Public Place for Enriching Child-Robot Interaction in a Group

  • Kanae Kochigami
  • Kei Okada
  • Masayuki Inaba

Social Acceptance of Interactive Robots in Japan: Comparison of Children and Adults and Analysis of People’s Opinion

  • Kanae Kochigami
  • Kei Okada
  • Masayuki Inaba

Evaluation of Posture Memory Retentivity using Coached Humanoid Robot

  • Ayami Kosaka
  • Taketo Katakura
  • Shigehiro Toyama
  • Fujio Ikeda

Designing Shelly, a Robot Capable of Assessing and Restraining Children’s Robot Abusing Behaviors

  • Hyunjin Ku
  • Jason J. Choi
  • Soomin Lee
  • Sunho Jang
  • Wonkyung Do

Inertial Human Motion Estimation for Physical Human-Robot Interaction Using an Interaction Velocity Update to Reduce Drift

  • Erik Kyrkjebø

The Paths We Pick Together: A Behavioral Dynamics Algorithm for an HRI Pick-and-Place Task

  • Maurice Lamb
  • Riley Mayr
  • Tamara Lorenz
  • Ali A. Minai
  • Michael J. Richardson

Forecasting Hand Gestures for Human-Drone Interaction

  • Jangwon Lee
  • Haodan Tan
  • David Crandall
  • Selma Šabanović

Robots in Diverse Contexts: Effects of Robots Tasks on Expected Personality

  • Seo-young Lee
  • Soomin Kim
  • Gyuho Lee
  • Joonhwan Lee

Acceptability of Tele-assistive Robotic Nurse for Human-Robot Collaboration in Medical Environment

  • WonHyong Lee
  • Jaebyung Park
  • Chung Hyuk Park

Contagious Yawning in Human-Robot Interaction

  • Hagen Lehmann
  • Frank Broz

Towards an Open Simulation Environment for the Pepper Robot

  • Florian Lier
  • Sven Wachsmuth

Studying Table-Top Manipulation Tasks: A Robust Framework for Object Tracking in Collaboration

  • Peter Lightbody
  • Paul Baxter
  • Marc Hanheide

Effects of a Delay Compensation Aid on Teleoperation of Unmanned Ground Vehicles

  • Shihan Lu
  • Meng Yuan Zhang
  • Tulga Ersal
  • X. Jessie Yang

Geographically Distributed Deployment of Reproducible HRI Experiments in an Interdisciplinary Research Context

  • Phillip Lücking
  • Florian Lier
  • Jasmin Bernotat
  • Sven Wachsmuth
  • Selma Ŝabanović
  • Friederike Eyssel

“Fight-or-Flight”: Leveraging Instinctive Human Defensive Behaviors for Safe Human-Robot Interaction

  • Karthik Mahadevan
  • Sowmya Somanath
  • Ehud Sharlin

Exploring Cross-cultural Differences in Persuasive Robotics

  • Regina Makenova
  • Raushan Karsybayeva
  • Anara Sandygulova

Social Interaction with Drones using Human Emotion Recognition

  • Eirini Malliaraki

Cognitive Implications of HMIs for Tele-operation and Supervisory Control of Robotic Ground Vehicles

  • Anna Ma-Wyatt
  • Daniel Johnstone
  • Justin Fidock
  • Susan Hill

Using the Geneva Emotion Wheel to Classify the Expression of Emotion on Robots

  • Conor McGinn
  • Kevin Kelly

My Humorous Robot: Effects of a Robot Telling Jokes on Perceived Intelligence and Liking

  • Isabelle M. Menne
  • Benjamin P. Lange
  • Dagmar C. Unz

A Case Study on the Cybersecurity of Social Robots

  • Justin Miller
  • Andrew B. Williams
  • Debbie Perouli

Evaluating Robot Behavior in Response to Natural Language

  • Pooja Moolchandani
  • Cory J. Hayes
  • Matthew Marge

Double Pressure Presentation for Calligraphy Self-training

  • Ami Morikawa
  • Naoaki Tsuda
  • Yoshihiko Nomura
  • Norihiko Kato

Coupled Indoor Navigation for People Who Are Blind

  • Amal Nanavati
  • Xiang Zhi Tan
  • Aaron Steinfeld

Preliminary Interactions of Human-Robot Trust, Cognitive Load, and Robot Intelligence Levels in a Competitive Game

  • Michael Novitzky
  • Paul Robinette
  • Michael R. Benjamin
  • Danielle K. Gleason
  • Caileigh Fitzgerald
  • Henrik Schmidt

Simulations and Self-Driving Cars: A Study of Trust and Consequences

  • Bjarke Kristian Maigaard Kjær Pedersen
  • Kamilla Egedal Andersen
  • Simon Köslich
  • Bente Charlotte Weigelin
  • Kati Kuusinen

Touch to Feel Me: Designing a Robot for Thermo-Emotional Communication

  • Denis Peña
  • Fumihide Tanaka

No data?: No problem! Expert System Approach to Designing a POMDP Framework for Robot-assisted ASD Diagnostics

  • Frano Petric
  • Zdenko Kovacić

Designing Robot Receptionist for Overcoming Poor Infrastructure, Low Literacy and Low Rate of Female Interaction

  • Talha Rehmani
  • Sabur Butt
  • Inam-ur-Rehman Baig
  • Mohammad Zubair Malik
  • Mohsen Ali

Anticipating Maneuvers with Dilated Convolutions

  • Banafsheh Rekabdar

Facilitating HRI by Mixed Reality Techniques

  • Patrick Renner
  • Florian Lier
  • Felix Friese
  • Thies Pfeiffer
  • Sven Wachsmuth

Continuous Interaction Data Acquisition and Evaluation: A Process Applied within a Smart, Robot Inhabited Apartment

  • Viktor Richter
  • Franz Kummert

A Robot Teaching Young Children a Second Language: The Effect of Multiple Interactions on Engagement and Performance

  • Emmy Rintjema
  • Rianne van den Berghe
  • Anne Kessels
  • Jan de Wit
  • Paul Vogt

Interpretation of (In-)Congruent Nonverbal Behavior and Non-Linguistic Utterances

  • Astrid M. Rosenthal-von der Pütten
  • Carolin Straßmann

Evaluating Distraction and Disengagement for Non-interactive Robot Tasks: A Pilot Study

  • Silvia Rossi
  • Gabriella Santangelo
  • Martina Ruocco
  • Giovanni Ercolano
  • Luca Raggioli
  • Emanuele Savino

Using Human Reinforcement Learning Models to Improve Robots as Teachers

  • Sayanti Roy
  • Emily Kieson
  • Charles Abramson
  • Christopher Crick

A Preliminary Study of the Effects of Racialization and Humanness on the Verbal Abuse of Female-Gendered Robots

  • Ana C. Sánchez Ramos
  • Virginia Contreras
  • Alejandra Santos
  • Cynthia Aguillon
  • Noemi Garcia
  • Jesus D. Rodriguez
  • Ivan Amaya Vazquez
  • Megan K. Strait

Brain-Computer Interface Humanoid Pre-trained for Interaction with People

  • Batyrkhan Saduanov
  • Dana Tokmurzina
  • Tohid Alizadeh
  • Berdakh Abibullaev

Collaborative Robots in Surgical Research: a Low-Cost Adaptation

  • Natalia Sanchez-Tamayo
  • Juan P. Wachs

Robot-Ergonomics: A Proposal for a Framework in HRI

  • Eduardo Benitez Sandoval
  • Ricardo Sosa
  • Miguel Montiel

Age-related Differences in Children’s Associations and Preferences for a Robot’s Gender

  • Anara Sandygulova
  • Gregory MP O’Hare

Explicit, Neutral, or Implicit: A Cross-cultural Exploration of Communication-style Preferences in Human Robot Interaction

  • Elaheh Sanoubari
  • James E. Young

ResQbot: A Mobile Rescue Robot for Casualty Extraction

  • Roni Permana Saputra
  • Petar Kormushev

Human Trust in Robot Capabilities across Tasks

  • Pan Shu
  • Chen Min
  • Indu Bodala
  • Stefanos Nikolaidis
  • David Hsu
  • Harold Soh

Attitudes, Prior Interaction, and Petitioner Credibility Predict Support for Considering the Rights of Robots

  • Patric R. Spence
  • Autumn Edwards
  • Chad Edwards

Personal Space Intrusion in Human-Robot Collaboration

  • Jessi Stark
  • Roberta R.C. Mota
  • Ehud Sharlin

Keeping it Light: Perceptions of Humor Styles in Robot-Mediated Conflict

  • Brett Stoll
  • Malte F. Jung
  • Susan R. Fussell

Blossom: A Tensile Social Robot Design with a Handcrafted Shell

  • Michael Suguitan
  • Guy Hoffman

Representation of Embodied Collaborative Behaviors in Cyber-Physical Human-Robot Interaction with Immersive User Interfaces

  • Jeffrey Too Chuan Tan
  • Yoshiaki Mizuchi
  • Yoshinobu Hagiwara
  • Tetsunari Inamura

Designing an Affective Cognitive Architecture for Human-Humanoid Interaction

  • Ana Tanevska
  • Francesco Rea
  • Giulio Sandini
  • Alessandra Sciutti

Resource-Based Modality Selection in Robot-Assisted Cognitive Training

  • Aleksandar Taranović
  • Aleksandar Jevtić
  • Joan Hernández-Farigola
  • Natalia Tantinyà
  • Carla Abdelnour
  • Carme Torras

Exploring Child-Robot Proxemics

  • Dana Tokmurzina
  • Nurbolat Sagitzhan
  • Abzal Nurgaliyev
  • Anara Sandygulova

Attending and Observing Robot for Crutch Users

  • Naoaki Tsuda
  • Susumu Tarao
  • Yoshihiko Nomura
  • Norihiko Kato

Exploring Robot’s Playing Strategy with a Language Learning Robot Companion

  • Talgat Tursynbekov
  • Kairat Balkibekov
  • Alisher Asatarov
  • Anara Sandygulova

What Does it Mean to Trust a Robot?: Steps Toward a Multidimensional Measure of Trust

  • Daniel Ullman
  • Bertram F. Malle

Who do you follow?: Social Robots’ Impact on Human Judgment

  • Daniel Ullrich
  • Andreas Butz
  • Sarah Diefenbach

Investigating the Effects of a Robot Peer on L2 Word Learning

  • Rianne van den Berghe
  • Sanne van der Ven
  • Josje Verhagen
  • Ora Oudgenoeg-Paz
  • Fotios Papadopoulos
  • Paul Leseman

A Social Robot for Cognitive Assessment

  • Simone Varrasi
  • Santo Di Nuovo
  • Daniela Conti
  • Alessandro Di Nuovo

At Arm’s Length: Challenges in Building a Wearable Robotic Forearm for Human-Robot Collaboration

  • Vighnesh Vatsal
  • Guy Hoffman

Fears of Intelligent Robots

  • Anna-Lisa Vollmer

Getting to Know You: Relationship Between Intergroup Contact and Willingness to Interact

  • Kathryn Wallisch
  • Marlena Fraune
  • Selma Sabanović
  • Steven Sherrin
  • Eliot Smith

Cost Functions based Dynamic Optimization for Robot Action Planning

  • Weitian Wang
  • Yi Chen
  • Zachary Max Diekel
  • Yunyi Jia

Human Intention Prediction in Human-Robot Collaborative Tasks

  • Weitian Wang
  • Rui Li
  • Yi Chen
  • Yunyi Jia

Toward Ethical Natural Language Generation for Human-Robot Interaction

  • Tom Williams

Behavioral Indoor Navigation With Natural Language Directions

  • Xiaoxue Zang
  • Marynel Vázquez
  • Juan Carlos Niebles
  • Alvaro Soto
  • Silvio Savarese

Joint Surgeon Attributes Estimation in Robot-Assisted Surgery

  • Tian Zhou
  • Jackie S. Cha
  • Glebys T. Gonzalez
  • Juan P. Wachs
  • Chandru Sundaram
  • Denny Yu

Exploring the Effects of Robot Gender on Child-Robot Interaction

  • Korlan Zhumabekova
  • Altynay Ismailova
  • Daniyar Kushkinbayev
  • Anara Sandygulova

SESSION: Pioneering Workshop

A Pilot Study: Advances in Robotic Hand Illusion and its Subjective Experience

  • Anna M. H. Abrams
  • Philipp Beckerle

Efficient Human-Robot Interaction for Robust Autonomy in Task Execution

  • Siddhartha Banerjee
  • Sonia Chernova

Emotionally Supporting Humans Through Robot Hugs

  • Alexis E. Block
  • Katherine J. Kuchenbecker

Adaptive Behavior Generation for Child-Robot Interaction

  • Jacqueline Hemminghaus
  • Stefan Kopp

Stress Factors that Impact Robot Operator Control in High-Stress Dynamic Scenarios

  • Christopher R. Hudson
  • Cindy L. Bethel

Assistive Device for Guiding Visually Impaired People With Mobility Disorders

  • Mario F. Jimenez
  • Ricardo C. de Mello
  • Anselmo Frizera
  • Teodiano Bastos

Inferring and Obeying Norms in Temporal Logic

  • Daniel Kasenberg

Setting Accurate Expectations of Robot Capabilities

  • Minae Kwon

Reducing Stress by Bonding with a Social Robot: Towards Autonomous Long-Term Child-Robot Interaction

  • Mike Ligthart
  • Koen Hindriks
  • Mark A. Neerincx

Designing Robot Personality Based on Fictional Sidekick Characters

  • Michal Luria

Can Interfaces Facilitate Communication in Autonomous Vehicle-Pedestrian Interaction?

  • Karthik Mahadevan
  • Sowmya Somanath
  • Ehud Sharlin

Sound as Implicit Influence on Human-Robot Interactions

  • Dylan Moore
  • Wendy Ju

Robot Social Engineering: Attacking Human Factors with Non-Human Actors

  • Brittany Postnikoff
  • Ian Goldberg

Trust and Conformity when Interacting with a Group of Robots

  • Nicole Salomons
  • Brian Scassellati

Adaptive Robot Second Language Tutoring for Children

  • Thorsten Schodde
  • Stefan Kopp

End-User Programming of Manipulator Robots in Situated Tangible Programming Paradigm

  • Yasaman S. Sefidgar
  • Maya Cakmak

Prediction and Production of Human Reaching Trajectories for Human-Robot Interaction

  • Sara Sheikholeslami
  • Justin W. Hart
  • Wesley P. Chan
  • Camilo P. Quintero
  • Elizabeth A. Croft

Contextual Collision: The Social Consequences of Touch and Collision in Human Robot Interaction

  • Alison Shutterly
  • Yigit Menguc
  • Heather Knight

Human-Robot Trust: Understanding User Perceptions

  • Rachel E. Stuck
  • Bruce N. Walker

Adaptable Multimodal Interaction Framework for Robot-Assisted Cognitive Training

  • Aleksandar Taranović
  • Aleksandar Jevtić
  • Carme Torras

A Wearable Robotic Forearm for Human-Robot Collaboration

  • Vighnesh Vatsal
  • Guy Hoffman

SESSION: Student Design Competition

ParticiPod: Portable Telepresence for Immersive Activity Sharing

  • Sriraj Aiyer
  • Stuart Arnott
  • Raya Sharbain
  • Qin Wang
  • Heyi Wen

BeachBot: Crowdsourcing Garbage Collection with Amphibious Robot Network

  • Abdullah Almosalami
  • Andrew Jones
  • Santipab Tipparach
  • Kade Leier
  • Randolph Peterson

YOLO – A Robot that will Make Your Creativity BOOM

  • Patrícia Alves-Oliveira
  • Ankita Chandak
  • Ian Cloutier
  • Priyanka Kompella
  • Peter Moegenburg
  • André Elias Bastos Pires

Robot-Human Agreements and Financial Transactions Enabled by a Blockchain and Smart Contracts

  • Irvin Steve Cardenas
  • Jong Hoon Kim

Nemsu: Alzheimer’s Prevention Device

  • Marcela Gonzales Arias
  • Midori Sanchez

MindScribe: Reflective Inquiry through Scaffolded Storytelling for Low-Income and Multilingual Early Childhood Communities

  • Layne Jackson Hubbard
  • Chen Hao Cheng
  • Boskin Erkocevic
  • Dylan Cassady
  • Andrea Chamorro

Itchy, Scratchy: A Musical Robot for Low-Income Kid’s Piano Practicing

  • Kyrie Jig
  • Chaolan Lin

‘We’- A Robotic System to Extend Social Impact of Community Gardens

  • Swapna Joshi
  • Natasha Randall
  • Suraj Chiplunkar
  • Theodora Wattimena
  • Kostas Stavrianakis

RescueBot: Search – Rescue – Robot

  • Hammad ur Rahman Khan

Shelly, a Tortoise-Like Robot for One-to-Many Interaction with Children

  • Hyunjin Ku
  • Jason J. Choi
  • Soomin Lee
  • Sunho Jang
  • Wonkyung Do

LetterMoose: A Handwriting Tutor Robot

  • Fredrik Löfgren
  • Sofia Thunberg
  • Sam Thellman

VOCOWA – VOice COntrolled Wheelchair Autonomous

  • Soujanya Madasu
  • Pranava Kumar Vemula

Buddy: A Speech Therapy Robot Companion For Children With Cleft Lip and Palate (CL/P) Disorder

  • Pavithra Ramamurthy
  • Tingyu Li

Health-e-Eater: Dinnertime Companion Robot and Magic Plate for Improving Eating Habits in Children from Low-Income Families

  • Natasha Randall
  • Swapna Joshi
  • Xiaohang Liu

Galef, the Smart Bottle Companion to Achieve a Healthier Life

  • Midori Sanchez
  • Marcela Gonzales

GeeBot: A Robotic Platform for Refugee Integration

  • Hugo Simão
  • João Avelino
  • Nuno Duarte
  • Rui Figueiredo

The MAI: A Robot for/by Everyone

  • Kiran Jot Singh
  • Divneet Singh Kapoor
  • Balwinder Singh Sohi

EXGbuds: Universal Wearable Assistive Device for Disabled People to Interact with the Environment Seamlessly

  • Ker-Jiun Wang
  • Hsiao-Wei Tung
  • Zihang Huang
  • Prakash Thakur
  • Zhi-Hong Mao
  • Ming-Xian You

SESSION: Video Presentations

Do You Have Pain?: A Robot who Cares

  • Roel Boumans
  • Fokke van Meulen
  • Koen Hindriks
  • Mark Neerincx
  • Marcel Olde Rikkert

Deep Reinforcement Learning of Abstract Reasoning from Demonstrations

  • Madison Clark-Turner
  • Momotaz Begum

Humanoid Robot Pepper at a Belgian Chocolate Shop

  • Laurens De Gauquier
  • Hoang-Long Cao
  • Pablo Gomez Esteban
  • Albert De Beir
  • Stephanie van de Sanden
  • Kim Willems
  • Malaika Brengman
  • Bram Vanderborght

Video: Landing a Drone with Pointing Gestures

  • Boris Gromov
  • Luca M. Gambardella
  • Alessandro Giusti

Roboterfabrik: A Pilot to Link and Unify German Robotics Education to Match Industrial and Societal Demands

  • Sami Haddadin
  • Lars Johannsmeier
  • Marvin Becker
  • Moritz Schappler
  • Torsten Lilge
  • Simon Haddadin
  • Johannes Schmid
  • Tobias Ende
  • Sven Parusel

Social Proxemics of Human-Drone Interaction: Flying Altitude and Size

  • Jeonghye Han
  • Ilhan Bae

Perceptions of a Soft Robotic Tentacle in Interaction

  • Jonas Jørgensen

Towards Sign Language Interpreting Robotic System

  • Nazerke Kalidolda
  • Anara Sandygulova

Social Relationship Development between Human and Robot through Real-time Face Identification and Emotional Interaction

  • WonHyong Lee
  • Jong-Hwan Kim

Social Interaction with Drones using Human Emotion Recognition

  • Eirini Malliaraki


  • Kristine O’Brien
  • Daniel Garcia

WYSIWICD: What You See is What I Can Do

  • Patrick Renner
  • Florian Lier
  • Felix Friese
  • Thies Pfeiffer
  • Sven Wachsmuth

Blossom: A Tensile Social Robot Design with a Handcrafted Shell

  • Michael Suguitan
  • Guy Hoffman

cARe-bot: Portable Projection-based AR Robot for Elderly

  • Yoonsik Yang
  • Yoon Jung Park
  • Hyocheol Ro
  • Seungho Chae
  • Tack-Don Han

SESSION: Workshop Summaries

Social Human-Robot Interaction of Human-care Service Robots

  • Ho Seok Ahn
  • JongSuk Choi
  • Hyungpil Moon
  • Yoonseob Lim

Explainable Robotic Systems

  • Maartje M.A. de Graaf
  • Bertram F. Malle
  • Anca Dragan
  • Tom Ziemke

Workshop on Longitudinal Human-Robot Teaming

  • Joachim de Greeff
  • Bradley Hayes
  • Matthew Gombolay
  • Matthew Johnson
  • Mark Neerincx
  • Jurriaan van Diggelen
  • Melissa Cefkin
  • Ivana Kruijff-Korbayová

Social Robots in Therapy: Focusing on Autonomy and Ethical Challenges

  • Pablo G. Esteban
  • Daniel Hernández García
  • Hee Rin Lee
  • Pauline Chevalier
  • Paul Baxter
  • Cindy Bethel

The Use of Ethnography to Identify and Address Ethical, Legal, and Societal (ELS) Issues

  • Cathrine Hasse
  • Stine Trentemøller
  • Jessica Sorenson

What Could Go Wrong: Lessons Learned When Doing HRI User Studies with Off-the-Shelf Social Robots

  • An Jacobs
  • Mike Ligthart
  • Shirley A. Elprama
  • Koen Hindriks
  • Katie Winkle

Robots for Learning – R4L: Inclusive Learning

  • Wafa Johal
  • James Kennedy
  • Vicky Charisi
  • Hae Won Park
  • Ginevra Castellano
  • Pierre Dillenbourg

HRI 2018 Workshop: Social Robots in the Wild

  • Ross Mead
  • Daniel H. Grollman
  • Angelica Lim
  • Cynthia Yeung
  • Andrew Stout
  • W. Brad Knox

PREC 2018: Personal Robots for Exercising and Coaching

  • Sebastian Schneider
  • Britta Wrede
  • Carlos Cifuentes
  • Sascha S. Griffiths
  • Stefan Wermter

Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality for Human-Robot Interaction

  • Tom Williams
  • Daniel Szafir
  • Tathagata Chakraborti
  • Heni Ben Amor

Cognitive and Social Neuroscience Methods for HRI

  • Agnieszka Wykowska
  • Giorgio Metta
  • Cristina Becchio
  • Ruud Hortensius
  • Emily Cross