Welcome to HRI 2024

We are excited to announce the 19th Annual ACM/IEEE InternationalConference on Human Robot Interaction (HRI). HRI 2024 is the 19th annualconference for basic and applied HRI research. Researchers from acrossthe world present their best work to HRI to exchange ideas about thetheory, technology, data, and science furthering the state-of-the-art inthe field.The conference theme for HRI 2024 is “HRI in the real world” and willfocus on key HRI theories, designs, studies, systems, and technicaladvances that aim to bring HRI out of the lab and into everyday life. Weencourage the community to consider what it means to do HRI in practice,and ways to bring it into the mainstream.There are many ways to participate in HRI 2024, including full papers,late breaking reports, demos, videos, workshops and our new robotchallenge. There are many opportunities particularly for students andthose new to the field to be involved, including via volunteering andparticipating in mentoring workshops.The conference will be held from March 11-14, 2024 in Boulder, Colorado,USA. We aim to have it be a hybrid conference, with opportunities toparticipate both in person and online. We will post additional detailsas the conference date nears.We look forward to seeing you in March!Dan Grollman and Liz Broadbent, HRI 2024 General Chairs