Visting Stockholm

Visiting a new city during a conference can be a challenge after a whole day of talks. Especially it can be tricky in Stockholm because depending on where you’re coming from, you might be surprised at how early everything closes. However, whether you have an additional free day or not, there are lots of ways to enjoy Stockholm!

Exploring the City

Here is a list of ideas on how to explore the city:

  • Catch the sunset from Mariaberget
    Right next to the HRI 2023 venue is an observation deck with beautiful views of Stockholm. The sunset in the middle of March is going to be around 6 pm, which is a perfect time to take great photos and have a walk after the conference day.
  • Enjoy the subway and don’t get lost at T-centralen
    Stockholm subway (tunnelbana) is known as one of the most beautiful in the world with stations carved from rocks. Here are some stations you might want to see: Kungsträdgården, Stadion, Solna Centrum, Thorildsplan, Rådhuset, and of course, the Central Station (T-centralen). It can be tricky to navigate, but you can always ask for help: pretty much everyone in Stockholm speaks great English.
  • Walk around the Old Town
    The iconic views of Stockholm can be found in Gamla Stan, the Old Town. It features narrow streets, old picturesque buildings, as well as lots of restaurants to dine in. The Royal Palace, the Nobel Prize Museum, and most importantly, Stockholm’s narrowest street can also be found in Gamla Stan. Around noon you can also catch the Changing of the Guard ceremony at the Royal Palace.
  • Enjoy Södermalm’s nightlife
    Södermalm, the island where HRI 2023 takes place, is known for its bars, cafes, vintage shops, and overall relaxed atmosphere. Here you will also find Fotografiska, the contemporary photography museum – a great option for a museum to visit while you’re in Stockholm which is open until 11 pm.
  • Take a walk on Strandvägen
    Strandvägen is a picturesque boulevard that runs along the water in the Östermalm district. It’s a great place to take a walk and see some of the city’s most beautiful buildings.
  • Explore Djurgården
    Djurgården is a beautiful park located on an island in Stockholm. It’s a great place to take a walk, have a picnic, or visit one of the many museums located there. A must-see is the Vasa museum which displays an almost fully intact 17th-century ship salvaged from the gulf bottom. A good day to visit is Wednesday when it’s open until 8 pm.
  • Visit Skansen
    This open-air zoo and museum is located on Djurgården Island and offers a glimpse into Swedish culture and history. You can see traditional Swedish homes, a zoo, and even a replica 19th-century town square.
  • Walk around Kungsholmen
    The reception of HRI 2023 takes place in the beautiful Stockholm City Hall. Kungsholmen, the island it stands on, offers nice waterfront walks and a peaceful atmosphere.
  • Take a boat to explore the Archipelago
    Stockholm has an enormous boat network: some locals take a boat for their daily commute, and some routes take several hours to complete. Short or long, a boat trip is an essential part of being in Stockholm. Check out boat companies Strömma, Cinderellabåtarna, or Waxholmsbolaget for a tour of your liking.
  • Winter experience
    Although Stockholm is not the coldest place in Sweden, you can still feel some winter vibe here! You could visit The Ice Bar, a bar made entirely of ice, including the glasses. If you prefer outdoors, some ice sports like skate or ski can be nice. Stockholm is not known for its skiing, but here you can find one of the largest urban ski resorts in the world, Hammarbybacken, which has 5 slopes plus views of Stockholm.There are also several bigger ski resorts within a few hours’ drive of Stockholm, which can be a nice one or two -day trip. Here are a few options: Romme Alpin (2 h 40 mins from Stockholm, shuttle bus avaliable), Kungsberget (2 h 20 mins from Stockholm), and Idre Fjäll (6 hours from Stockholm).


  • Söder, close-ish to the venue:
    • PangPang Restaurang (Pub, micro brewery), Långholmsgatan 34
    • Hornstulls Bodega (wine bar), Hornsbruksgatan 24
    • Southside Pub (pub), Hornsgatan 104
    • Bar Hommage (cocktail bar), Krukmakargatan 22
    • Folkbaren (restaurant/bar, Swedish cuisine), Hornsgatan 72
    • Morfar Ginko (bar), Swedenborgsgatan 13
  • Söder, Nytorget:
    • Nytorget 6 (restaurant/bar, Swedish cuisine), Nytorget 6
    • Urban deli (restaurant/bar, Mediterranean cuisine), Nytorget 4
    • Bar Ninja (wine bar), Katarina Bangata 29
    • Vina (wine bar), Sofiagatan 1
    • Katarina ölcafé (bar), Katarina Bangata 27
    • Brewdog (restaurant/bar), Ringvägen 149B
    • Ugglan (bar, “mix of classic Swedish youth club and Speakeasy in Berlin”), Närkesgatan 6
  • Gamla Stan (old town):
    • Geronimo’s (bar with Mexican food), Stora Nygatan 5
  • City:
    • Tak (restaurant, cocktail bar, Swedish-Japanese fusion), Brunkebergstorg 2-4
    • Brewdog (restaurant/bar), Sankt Eriksgatan 56
    • Urban deli (bistro/bar, Mediterranean cuisine), Centralplan 25 & Sveavägen 44
    • Prosecobaren (Proseco bar), Malmskillnadsgatan 21

  • Söder, close-ish to the venue:
    • Barrels (hamburgers), Bysistorget 4
    • Mahalo (vegan), Hornsgatan 61
    • Lao Lao (Chinese cuisine), Hornsgatan 63
    • Ellora (Indian cuisine), Hornsgatan 85
    • Falafelbaren (falafel), Hornsgatan 39B
    • Babel bazaar (Middle Eastern cuisine), Långholmsgatan 27
    • Tony’s (pizza), Hornsgatan 29
    • Kalf & hansen (“Modern Nordic cuisine”), Mariatorget 2
  • Söder, Nytorget:
    • Greasy spoon (brunch), Tjärhovsgatan 19 & Södermannagatan 53
    • Phill’s burger (hamburgers), Götgatan 85
  • Gamla Stan (old town):
    • Stiernan Ramen (ramen), Österlånggatan 45
    • Barrels (hamburgers), Stora Nygatan 20
    • Österlånggatan 17 (Swedish cuisine), Österlånggatan 17
  • City:
    • La Neta Bar (Mexican cuisine), Smålandsgatan 24
    • Holy greens (salads), Regeringsgatan 28 & Kungsgatan 17
    • Barrels (hamburgers), Smålandsgatan 22
    • Phill’s burger (hamburgers), Malmskillnadsgatan 11 & Birger Jarlsgatan 34 & Drotninggatan 79

  • Söder, close-ish to the venue:
    • Eatnam (Vietnamese cuisine), Sankt Paulsgatan 2
    • Holy greens (salads), Götgatan 20
    • Hornsgatan kvarterskrog (bistro), Hornsgatan 81
    • Chelas (Mexican cuisine), Verkstadsgatan 4
    • Folkbaren (restaurant/bar, Swedish cuisine), Hornsgatan 72
    • Barrels (hamburgers), Bysistorget 4
    • Gazza (Italian cuisine), Hornsgatan 66
    • Tabbouli (Lebanese cuisine), Tavastgatan 22
    • Tony’s (pizza), Hornsgatan 29
    • Meno Male (pizza), Krukmakargatan 1
    • Tjoget (Mediterranean inspired cuisine), Hornsbruksgatan 24
  • Söder, Nytorget:
    • Meatballs for the people (Swedish cuisine), Nytorgsgatan 30
    • Nytorget 6 (restaurant/bar, Swedish cuisine), Nytorget 6
    • Ai Ramen Sofia (ramen), Erstagatan 22
    • Urban deli (restaurant/bar, Mediterranean cuisine), Nytorget 4
    • Bistro bananas (pizza/bistro), Skånegatan 47
    • Pazzi (Italian cuisine), Östgötagatan 65
  • Gamla stan (old town):
    • Österlånggatan 17 (Swedish cuisine), Österlånggatan 17
  • City:
    • Eatnam (Vietnamese cuisine), Birger Jarlsgatan 36
    • Urban deli (bistro/bar, Mediterranean cuisine), Centralplan 25 & Sveavägen 44
    • Operabaren (Swedish cuisine), Jakobs torg 12
    • Grodan (Swedish cuisine), Strömgatan 14
    • Taverna brillo (bistro, Italian cuisine), Sturegatan 6
    • Främmat (“Inspired by French cuisine”), Dalagatan 54

  • Fotografiska (photography), Stadsgårdshamnen 22
  • Moderna Museet (modern art), Exercisplan 4
  • Abbamuseet (pop music, Abba), Djurgårdsvägen 68
  • Wasamuseet (exhibits the 17th-century warship “Wasa”), Galärvarvsvägen 14
  • Tekniska museet (technology), Museivägen 7
  • Kungliga slottet (18th-century royal palace), Kungliga slottet
  • Drottningholms slott (17th-century royal palace), Drottningholm, ferries from Stadshuskajen
  • Livrustkammaren (historical royal weaponry, armour, and fashon, free entry!), Slottsbacken 3
  • Nobelprismuseet (history of the Nobel Prize), Stortorget 2
Scenic Locations

  • Nice view of Stockholm, close to the venue: Mariaberget