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HRI 2023 is the 18th annual conference for basic and applied human-robot interaction research. Researchers from around the world attend and present their best work about the latest theories, technology, data, demonstrations, and videos furthering the state-of-the-art in human-robot interaction.

Accommodations & Travel: Please consider staying at our preferred hotel accommodations. Hotel and travel information is posted here.

Early Registration: Please register by January 31, 2023 to be eligible for the discounted rate.

Registration fees* for HRI 2023

In-Person Attendance Early bird (until Jan. 31, 2023) Regular (until March 8, 2023) On-site Registration
ACM/IEEE Members** SEK 8,200 SEK 10,100 SEK 11,000
Non-ACM/IEEE Members SEK 10,200 SEK 11,800 SEK 13,000
ACM/IEEE Student*** SEK 3,300 SEK 4,400 SEK 5,400
Non-ACM/IEEE Student*** SEK 4,400 SEK 5,400 SEK 6,600
Workshops – In person SEK 1,900 SEK 2,800 SEK 2,800
Online Attendance Early (until Jan. 31, 2023) Regular (until March 8, 2023) On-site Registration
ACM/IEEE Members SEK 1,080 SEK 1,740 SEK 1,960
Non-ACM/IEEE Members SEK 2,260 SEK 2,960 SEK 3,160
ACM/IEEE/SIG Student*** SEK 860 SEK 980 SEK 1,080
Non-ACM/IEEE Student*** SEK 1,360 SEK 1,560 SEK 1,200
Workshops – online SEK 540 SEK 1,400 SEK 1,400

* All prices are in SEK and do not include VAT , Registration fees at SEK 1,000 and lower are binding, No refund is made for cancellation after registration is made. **To be eligible for reduced members’ rates, one of the following membership types is required:

*** Students can include people within 6 months of PhD graduation

Workshops and Tutorials

Workshop and Tutorial attendees must pay an additional fee. If you attend multiple workshops, you only need to pay one registration fee. Workshops will be held on March 13, and registration can be purchased while registering for the main conference.

Please note, due to venue capacity and COVID health and safety, each workshop room will have a limited number of in-person slots available. However, all workshops are offering hybrid options, so delegates are encouraged to attend remotely if their preferred workshop is at capacity.

Workshop-only registrations are available. Note that this does not include admission to the main conference or conference reception.

HRI 2023 Reception

There will be a conference reception hosted by the city of Stockholm on Wednesday, March 15, at 19:00 in Stadshuset (Stockholm City Hall). Light refreshments will be served and attendance is limited to 400 attendees. Registration for the reception will be available on a first-come, first-served basis. You may register for the reception when you purchase in-person registration for HRI 2023. You may also register for a reception waiting list if the slots are filled when you complete your registration. Registration for the reception will close on Feb. 26, 2023.

Necessary Accommodations

Due to GDPR, we are limited in the information we can collect about you during the registration process. For any necessary accommodations (e.g., mobility assistance, interpreter, a quiet space to escape sensory overstimulation, a space for nursing in private, registration for a support person etc.) please get in touch with

Registration Fee Waiver Program for Inclusivity

HRI 2023 is testing a pilot program for registration fee waivers to increase diversity of the HRI community. If you have financial, personal, or other hardships that make affording HRI difficult, or even just lack a connection to the community, you may be able to apply for a registration fee waiver. Please visit our registration fee waiver page for details.


On-site/In-Person registration

  • Cancellations made before January 31, 2023, will be refunded in full except for a cancellation fee of SEK 700.
  • Cancellations made between February 1 and February 15 will receive a refund of 50%, but with a cancellation fee of SEK 700.
  • For cancellations made after February 15, there is no refund.
  • Cancellation of only separate activities or meals is non-refundable.
  • If the on-site/In-Person conference should be canceled by the organizers, the difference between on-site and digital conference fees will be refunded in full.
  • If a participant wishes to change from onsite/in-person to online/digital participation, this will be possible by February 15, 2023, at the latest. The difference in registration fee, except for an administration fee of SEK 300 will be refunded.
  • For changes in registration after February 15, no refund will be made.

Online/Digital registration

  • Any online registration fees less than SEK 1000 are binding and non-refundable.
  • For any online registration fees greater than SEK 1000, a full refund is possible by January 31, 2023, aside from a cancellation fee of SEK 700. After that date, no refunds are possible
  • If a participant wishes to convert their registration from online/digital to onsite/in-person participation, this will be possible until February 15, 2023. The difference in registration fee will be made payable by card payment.
Change of delegate: If you are not able to participate, you may give your spot to a colleague. To do this, please contact the conference registration office:

Student Support Program by ACM

ACM and IEEE provide some student travel support programs, which can be used for the online conference registration and publication fee. Please contact each program directly to get support for your participation.

Conference Health Policy (COVID-19)

Please carefully review the HRI 2023 Health and Safety Information Page before registering.

Any inquiries regarding registration should be emailed to

Registration FAQs

I do not have funding to register for the conference. Is there any way I can still attend?

We have a fee waiver program available, we encourage you to submit an application. Here is a link with more details.

There are multiple authors on my publication, do all of us need to register before the January 31 deadline to be included in the proceedings?

No, only one author needs to register by the Jan 31 deadline.

If I register as a remote participant, will I still be able to present my work / network with others?

Yes, we are working to ensure there are multiple opportunities for remote attendees both to present their work and have enjoyable interactions with other attendees. To help us plan for these events, our Online Chairs encourage you to complete this survey.

If I register for a workshop, will I be able to participate remotely?

Yes, all HRI 2023 workshops will be offered in hybrid format.

I am a SIGCHI member, am I eligible for a registration discount?

Yes. SIGCHI members are eligible for the same conference registration rates as IEEE and ACM members.

I have accessibility needs and need to understand how they’ll be accommodated before I register for the conference. How should I go about this?

For any necessary accommodations (e.g., mobility assistance, interpreter, a quiet space to escape sensory overstimulation, a space for nursing in private, registration for a support person, etc.) please email

I have a lot of questions about the Swedish VAT. Where can I learn more?

Please see this page for more details on VAT.

I require a VISA support letter to travel to the conference, how can I obtain it?

ACM is able to provide visa support letters to attendees as well as authors with accepted papers, posters, or members of the conference committee. Please see this page for more details. Please note, all requests should go through ACM, via Please be sure to include all required information.

I have not received my VISA support level, can you please speed up the process?

Please allow for up to 10 business days to receive a letter. ACM handles all requests in the order that they are received. If has been over 10 business days since you submitted your materials to ACM, you may reach out to them directly.

I have registered to the conference but I have not yet received the payment link. Can you assist me with that?

It may take up to one week to receive the payment link. If you don’t receive the payment link within one week (check your spam folder), please contact the conference registration office, Academic Conferences at

I am one of the organizers of Workshop X. Beside paying the workshop fees, do I also have to register for Workshop X?

Please register for the workshop you primarily plan to attend. E.g., if you plan to attend Workshop X, please register for that one. If you do not plan to attend Workshop X, but instead plan to attend a different one, please register for that one.

(We have a lot of workshops this year, and having accurate attendee estimates helps the workshop chairs and local arrangement chairs better plan out room allocations.)

If I only register for the workshop, can I also attend the main conference?

While workshop-only registrations are available, this does not include admission to the main conference or conference reception.

Why are the registration fees higher this year compared to prior years?

We have received some questions about registration costs and why they are higher compared to previous editions of the conference. There are several reasons for this.

First, Stockholm is one of the most expensive cities in Europe, and Sweden has some of the highest VAT costs, with little in the way of exceptions, even for EU countries (see here for more details). This led to significant increased costs. Additionally, rising inflation and general increase of costs due to the unstable geopolitical situation and post-COVID economic struggles, also played a key role in the high costs of running the conference.

Second, this is the first time we have held an in-person HRI gathering since 2019. Due to the uncertainties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which is still affecting many people around the world, it was challenging to estimate the number of in-person attendees. This, in turn, made it difficult to estimate the conference budget when signing contracts with venues, necessitating higher registration costs to ensure a balanced budget.

Additionally, we have a commitment to including people with disabilities and chronic health conditions at our conference. Many of these individuals are unable to travel, and thus it is important for inclusion to provide them opportunities to participate remotely. Accessible hybrid conferences require an additional investment of resources.

Moreover, due to the increasing size of the conference, and the complexities of running a hybrid format, we opted to employ the services of a professional conference organizer (PCO). This was necessary, as it has become impossible for an entirely-volunteer Organising Committee to manage the entire conference organisation. This also contributed to higher costs.

However, we planned to maintain our conference’s commitment to low registration rates for students, which we have continued. We also extended the student rate to people within 6 months of completing their degrees.

Furthermore, we are continuing our conference’s commitment to offering fee waivers and travel scholarships this year to increase inclusion, with a focus on people experiencing financial hardship, who live in IEEE e-member countries, and students with disabilities (see here for more details). We hope this will help reduce the financial burden of registration and travel costs for these individuals.

We appreciate your understanding moving forward.