LBR Program

Session 1: Tuesday, March 14th, 16:30-18:00 (GMT+1) Session 2: Thursday, March 16th, 9:00-10:30 (GMT+1)

Session 1
Tuesday, March 14th, 16:30-18:00 (GMT+1)

Holobot: Hologram based Extended Reality Telepresence Robot

Jinwook Kim, Dooyoung Kim, Bowon Kim, Hyunchul Kim, Jeongmi Lee

The NarRobot Plugin – Connecting the Social Robot Reeti to the Unity Game Engine

Sophia C. Steinhaeusser, Lenny Siol, Elisabeth Ganal, Sophia Maier, Birgit Lugrin

“Nice to meet you!” Emotional Expression with Movement and Verbal Patterns of Automatic Handwriting Robot

Yanheng Li, Lin Luoying, Xinyan Li, Yaxuan Mao, Ray Lc

Robotic Coaches Delivering Group Mindfulness Practice at a Public Cafe

Minja Axelsson, Micol Spitale, Hatice Gunes

TEAM3 Challenge: Tasks for Multi-Human and Multi-Robot Collaboration with Voice and Gestures

Michael J. Munje, Lylybell K. Teran, Bradon Thymes, Joseph P. Salisbury

Gesture-Bot: Design and Evaluation of Simple Gestures of a Do-it-yourself Telepresence Robot for Remote Communication

Yibo Wang, Chenwei Zhang, Heqiao Wang, Shuya Lu, Ray Lc

Towards Robot Learning from Spoken Language

Krishna Kodur, Manizheh Zand, Maria Kyrarini

Reactive Planning for Coordinated Handover of an Autonomous Aerial Manipulator

Jérôme Truc, Daniel Sidobre, Rachid Alami

Intelligent Disobedience: A Novel Approach for Preventing Human Induced Interaction Failures in Robot Teleoperation

Kavyaa Somasundaram, Andrey Kiselev, Amy Loutfi

The Influence of a Robot Recommender System on Impulse Buying Tendency

Ching-Chih Tsao, Cheng-Yi Tang, Yu-Wen Chang, Yin-Hsuan Sung, Shih-Yi Chien, Szu-Yin Lin

Showing Sympathy via Embodied Affective Robot Touch, GIFs, and Texts: People are Indifferent

Rachel Hoi Yan Au, Katherine M Tsui, Marlena R Fraune

Human- or Machine-like Music Assistive Robots Effects on Fluency and Memory Recall

Yanzhe Li, Frank Broz, Mark Neerincx

Spill the Tea: When Robot Conversation Agents Support Well-being for Older Adults

Weslie Khoo, Long-Jing Hsu, Kyrie Jig Amon, Pranav Vijay Chakilam, Wei-Chu Chen, Zachary Kaufman, Agness Lungu, Hiroki Sato, Erin Seliger, Manasi Swaminathan, Katherine M. Tsui, David J. Crandall, Selma Šabanović

Decision Support System for Autonomous Underwater Robot Grasping

Neha Girish Pusalkar, Mark-Robin Giolando, Julie A. Adams

What if a Social Robot Excluded You? Using a Conversational Game to Study Social Exclusion in Teen-robot Mixed Groups

Sara Mongile, Giulia Pusceddu, Francesca Cocchella, Linda Lastrico, Giulia Belgiovine, Ana Tanevska, Francesco Rea, Alessandra Sciutti

Designing Robotic Movement with Personality

Vali Lalioti, Iulia A. Ionescu

Uncertainty-Resolving Questions for Social Robots

Minjung Shin, Minsu Jang, Miyoung Cho, Jeh-Kwang Ryu

Clarifying Social Robot Expectation Discrepancy

James M. Berzuk, James E. Young

Designing and Prototyping Drones for Emotional Support

Ori Fartook, Tal Oron-Gilad, Jessica R. Cauchard

What you see is (not) what you get: A VR Framework for Correcting Robot Errors

Maciej K. Wozniak, Rebecca Stower, Patric Jensfelt, Andre Pereira

TSES-R: An Extended Scale for Measuring Parental Expectations toward Robots for Children in Healthcare

Feiran Zhang, Frank Broz, Oriana Ferrari, Emilia Barakova

The Warehouse Robot Interaction Sim: An Open-Source HRI Research Platform

Connor Esterwood, Lionel Peter Robert

Enhancing Human-Robot Collaboration By Exploring Intuitive Augmented Reality Design Representations

Chrisantus Eze, Christopher Crick

“Who’s that?” Identity Self-Perception and Projection in the Use of Telepresence Robots in Hybrid Classrooms

Houda Elmimouni, Amy Kinney, Elizabeth C Brooks, Hannah Li, Selma Sabanovic

Robots as Social Cues: The Influence of Follow Cargo Robot Use on Perceptions of Leadership Quality and Interpersonal Impressions

Chad Edwards, Autumn P Edwards, Bryan Abendschein, Austin Frederick, Kameron Koch

Designing a Robot which Touches the User’s Head with Intra-Hug Gestures

Yuya Onishi, Hidenobu Sumioka, Masahiro Shiomi

Buzzo or Eureka — Robot that makes remote participants feel more presence in hybrid discussion

Zhilong Zhao, Yanran Chen, Qingyu Hu, Siran Ma, Houze Li, Yijie Guo, Haipeng Mi

How sequential suggestions from a robot and human jury influence decision making: A large scale investigation using a court sentencing judgment task

Yugo Hayashi, Kosuke Wakabayashi, Yuki Nishida

Towards HRI of Everyday Life: Human Lived Experiences with Social Robots

Karolina Zawieska, Jessica Sorenson

The Peg-Turning Dilemma: An Experimental Framework for Measuring Altruistic Behaviour Towards Robots

Marieke S. Wieringa, Barbara C.N. Müller, Gijsbert Bijlstra, Tibor Bosse

I See You! Design Factors for Supporting Pedestrian-AV Interaction at Crosswalks

Avram Block, Seonghee Lee, Aryaman Pandya, Paul Schmitt

Save Baby Whale! A Pet Robot as a Medication Reminder for Children with Asthma

Dian Lv, Jirui Liu, Zhong Jiancheng, Zhiyao Ma, Yijie Guo

The Impact of Speech and Movement on the Interaction with a Mobile Hand Disinfection Robot

Anders Bjørn, Simon Helsted Juul, Niklas Rosendahl Arnesen, Maria Skougaard Andersen, Rune Philipsen, Matous Jelinek, Leon Bodenhagen, Oskar Palinko

Introducing Children and Young People with Sight Loss to Social Robots: A Preliminary Workshop

Isobel Voysey, Carl Bettosi, Emilyann Nault, Shenando Stals, Lynne Baillie

Safe to Approach : Insights on Autonomous Vehicle Interaction Protocols with First Responders

Seong Hee Lee, Vaidehi Patil, Nicholas Britten, Avarm Block, Aryaman Pandya, Malte F Jung, Paul Schmitt

Improving a Robot’s Turn-Taking Behavior in Dynamic Multiparty Interactions

Maike Paetzel-Prüsmann, James Kennedy

Attention-guiding Takeover Requests for Situation Awareness in Semi-autonomous Driving

Qingxin Chen, Jialong Li, Kenji Tei

Presenting Human-Robot Relative Hand Position using a Multi-Step Vibrotactile Stimulus for Handover Task

Muhammad Akmal Bin Mohammed Zaffir, Takahiro Wada

Exploring the Effects of Self-Disclosed Backstory of Social Robots on Development of Trust in Human-Robot Interaction

Naeimeh Anzabi, Anahita Etemad, Hiroyuki Umemuro

Effects of Predictive Robot Eyes on Trust and Task Performance in an Industrial Cooperation Task

Linda Onnasch, Paul Schweidler, Maximilian Wieser

Bridging the Gap: Using a Game-based Approach to Raise Lay People’s Awareness About Care Robots

Katharina Brunnmayr, Astrid Weiss

Robot-supported information search: Which conversational interaction style do children prefer?

Suyash Sharma, Thomas Beelen, Khiet P. Truong

Let’s Roll Together: Children Helping a Robot Play a Dice Game

Emily Timmerman, Mike E.U. Ligthart

Sawarimōto: A Vision and Touch Sensor-based Method for Automatic or Tele-operated Android-to-human Face Touch

Aidan Edward Fox-Tierney, Kurima Sakai, Masahiro Shiomi, Takashi Minato, Hiroshi Ishiguro

Exploring Mothers’ Perspectives on Socially Assistive Robots in Peripartum Depression Screening

Tobiaz Paulsson, Mengyu Zhong, Isabel García Velázquez, Ginevra Castellano

The Effect of Gender on Perceived Anthropomorphism and Intentional Acceptance of a Storytelling Robot

Daan Robben, Eriko Fukuda, Mirjam De Haas

Development of a University Guidance and Information Robot

Andrew Blair, Mary Ellen Foster

Visuo-Textual Explanations of a Robot’s Navigational Choices

Amar Halilovic, Felix Lindner

Study of Telerobot Personalization for Children: Exploring Qualitative Coding of Artwork

Verónica Ahumada-Newhart, Taffeta S. Wood, Erin R. Taylor, Francesca O. Johnson, Siena Saltzen, Sanjay S. Joshi

Robot Theory of Mind with Reverse Psychology

Chuang Yu, Baris Serhan, Marta Romeo, Angelo Cangelosi

Transparent Value Alignment

Lindsay Sanneman, Julie Shah

Children’s Fundamental Rights in Human-Robot Interaction Research: A Systematic Review

Daniella DiPaola, Vicky Charisi, Cynthia Breazeal, Selma Sabanovic

Practical Development of a Robot to Assist Cognitive Reconstruction in Psychiatric Day Care

Takuto Akiyoshi, Hidenobu Sumioka, Hirokazu Kumazaki, Junya Nakanishi, Hirokazu Kato, Masahiro Shiomi

Who’s in Charge? Using Personalization vs. Customization Distinction to Inform HRI Research on Adaptation to Users

Dimitri Lacroix, Ricarda Wullenkord, Friederike Eyssel

Towards a Wave Approach for Value Sensitive Design in Social Robotics

Theresa Schmiedel, Vivienne Jia Zhong, Friederike Eyssel

Comparing How Soft Robotic Tentacles and an Equivalent Traditional Robot are Described

Jonas Jørgensen

The Views of Hospital Laboratory Workers on Augmenting Laboratory Testing with Robots

Bob R. Schadenberg, Hideki Garcia Goo, Lena Nyman, Jesper Keisu, Vanessa Evers

Where is My Phone? Towards Developing an Episodic Memory Model for Companion Robots to Track Users’ Salient Objects

Juhi Shah, Ali Ayub, Chrystopher L. Nehaniv, Kerstin Dautenhahn

Rube-Goldberg Machines, Transparent Technology, and the Morally Competent Robot

Terran Mott, Tom Williams

Comparing a Graphical User Interface, Hand Gestures and Controller in Virtual Reality for Robot Teleoperation

Jialin Chen, Armaghan Moemeni, Praminda Caleb-Solly

A Persuasive Hand Sanitizer Robot in the Wild

Franziska Fischer, Kerstin Fischer, Oskar Palinko

Examining the State of Robot Identity

Lux Miranda, Ginevra Castellano, Katie Winkle

“Can You Guess My Moves?” Playing Charades with a Humanoid Robot Employing Mutual Learning with Emotional Intelligence

Baijun Xie, Chung Hyuk Park

Robot-Assisted First Language Learning in a New Latin Alphabet: The Reinforcement Learning-based QWriter system

Shamil Sarmonov, Aidar Shakerimov, Arna Aimysheva, Aida Amirova, Nurziya Oralbayeva, Aida Zhanatkyzy, Zhansaule Telisheva, Anara Sandygulova

Design of Child-robot Interactions for Comfort and Distraction from Post-operative Pain and Distress

Oriana Isabella Ferrari, Feiran Zhang, Ayrton A. Braam, Jules A.M. Van Gurp, Frank Broz, Emilia I. Barakova

Language Learning using Caption Generation within Reciprocal Multi-Party Child-Tutor-Tutee Interaction

Arna Aimysheva, Maksat Bekkuliyev, Madina Karasheva, Nurziya Oralbayeva, Aida Amirova, Barbara Bruno, Anara Sandygulova

Lying About Lying: Examining Trust Repair Strategies After Robot Deception in a High-Stakes HRI Scenario

Kantwon Rogers, Reiden John Allen Webber, Ayanna Howard

Improving Health and Safety Promotion with a Robotic Tool: A Case Study for Face Mask Detection

Sergio D. Sierra M., Maria Insuasty, Daniel E. Garcia. A., Marcela Munera, Carlos A. Cifuentes

CHIBO: A Pneumatic Robot that provides Real-time Intervention for Parent-child Feeding Behavior

Yahan Xie, Hanhui Yang, Jing Huang, Jing Wang, Hanxuan Li, Yijie Guo
Session 2
Thursday, March 16th, 9:00-10:30 (GMT+1)

Towards Designing Companion Robots with the End in Mind

Waki Kamino

A Multimodal Teach-in Approach to the Pick-and-Place Problem in Human-Robot Collaboration

Niko Kleer, Maurice Rekrut, Julian Wolter, Tim Schwartz, Michael Feld

Exploring Human-Drone Collaboration Through Contact Improvisation

Nialah Jenae Wilson-Small, Louisa Pancoast, Kirstin Petersen, Shiri Azenkot

A Methodological Approach to Facilitate the Design of Flexible and Efficient Multi-Application Systems for HRC

Omar Elsarha, Debora Clever

Using a Social Robot as a Hotel Assessment Tool

Martina Lein, Melissa Donnermann, Sophia C. Steinhaeusser, Birgit Lugrin

Who to Teach a Robot to Facilitate Multi-party Social Interactions?

Jouh Yeong Chew, Keisuke Nakamura

Human Workload Evaluation of Drone Swarm Formation Control using Virtual Reality Interface

Chanun Asavasirikulkij, Muhammad Hanif

Low-latency Classification of Social Haptic Gestures Using Transformers

Qiaoqiao Ren, Yuanbo Hou, Tony Belpaeme

HighLight: Towards an Ambient Robotic Table as a Social Enabler

Alessandro Cabrio, Negin Hashmati, Philip Rabia, Liina Tumma, Hugo Wärnberg, Sjoerd Hendriks, Mohammad Obaid

Social Robotics meets Sociolinguistics: Investigating Accent Bias and Social Context in HRI

Mary Ellen Foster, Jane Stuart-Smith

Robotic Gaze Drives Attention, Even with No Visible Eyes

Lucas Morillo-Mendez, Felix T. Hallström, Oscar Martinez Mozos, Martien G.S. Schrooten

Tell Me About It: Adolescent Self-Disclosure with an Online Robot for Mental Health

Tony W. Li, Michael Murray, Zander Brumbaugh, Raida Karim, Hanna Lee, Maya Cakmak, Elin A. Björling

Keep your distance! Assessing proxemics to virtual robots by caregivers.

Kim Klüber, Linda Onnasch

Trust Estimation for Autonomous Vehicles by Measuring Pedestrian Behavior in VR

Ryota Masuda, Shintaro Ono, Toshihiro Hiraoka, Yoshihiro Suda

Can a Robot’s Hand Bias Human Attention?

Giulia Scorza Azzarà, Joshua Zonca, Francesco Rea, Joo-Hyun Song, Alessandra Sciutti

How to Train Your Guide Dog: Wayfinding and Safe Navigation with Human-Robot Modeling

J. Taery Kim, Wenhao Yu, Jie Tan, Greg Turk, Sehoon Ha

A Multimodal Dataset for Robot Learning to Imitate Social Human-Human Interaction

Nguyen Tan Viet Tuyen, Alexandra L. Georgescu, Irene Di Giulio, Oya Celiktutan

The Impact of Robot’s Body Language on Customer Experience: An Analysis in a Cafe Setting

Nguyen Tan Viet Tuyen, Mateusz Adamski, Yuchen Wang, Shintaro Okazaki, Oya Celiktutan

Eye-Movement Dependency of Peripheral Visual Perception of Anthropomorphism Using an 80ms Robot Picture Stimulus

Kolja Kühnlenz

A Social Robot for Explaining Medical Tests and Procedures: An Exploratory Study in the Wild

Roel Boumans, Rene Melis, Tibor Bosse, Serge Thill

Formative Usability Evaluation of WiGlove – a home-based rehabilitation device for hand and wrist therapy after stroke

Vignesh Velmurugan, Luke Jai Wood, Farshid Amirabdollahian

Robotic Interventions for Learning (ROB-I-LEARN): Examining Social Robotics for Learning Disabilities through Business Model Canvas

Anshu Saxena Arora, Amit Arora, K. Sivakumar, John R. McIntyre

Will It Yield? Expectations on Automated Shuttle Bus Interactions With Pedestrians and Bicyclists

Sam Thellman, Erik Marsja, Anna Anund, Tom Ziemke

When Do Drivers Intervene In Autonomous Driving? Contrasting Drivers’ Perceived Risk Across Two Mobility Types

Aakriti Kumar, Kumar Akash, Shashank Mehrotra, Teruhisa Misu, Mark Steyvers

The Answer lies in User Experience: Qualitative Comparison of US and South Korean Perceptions of In-home Robotic Pet Interactions

Ji-Yeong Oh, Casey C. Bennett

Development of a Wearable Robot that Moves on the User’s Arm to Provide Calming Interactions

Koji Kimura, Fumihide Tanaka
Hanyang Hu, Mengyu Chen, Ruhan Wang, Yijie Guo

Designing and Evaluating Interactive Tools for a Robot Hand Collection

Ramzi Abou Chahine, Sid Padmanabhuni, Pooyan Fazli, Hasti Seifi

Anomaly Detection for Dynamic Human-Robot Assembly

Fabian Schirmer, Philipp Kranz, Jan Schmitt, Tobias Kaupp

PLATYPUS: An Environment for End-User Development of Robot-Assisted Physical Training

Jose Pablo De La Rosa Gutierrez, Anders Stengaard Sørensen

Social Robots in Secondary Education: Can Robots Assist Young Adult Learners with Math Learning?

Aurea Bravo Perucho, Maryam Alimardani

Augmented Reality Safety Zone Configurations in Human-Robot Collaboration: A User Study

Yunus Emre Cogurcu, Steve Maddock

“Feeling Unseen”: Exploring the Impact of Adaptive Social Robots on User’s Social Agency During Learning

Hamzah Ziadeh, Caterina Ceccato, Jos Prinsen, Ethel Pruss, Anita Vrins, Hendrik Knoche, Maryam Alimardani

Crowdsourcing Task Traces for Service Robotics

David Porfirio, Allison Sauppé, Maya Cakmak, Aws Albarghouthi, Bilge Mutlu

Coming In! : Communicating Lane Change Intent in Autonomous Vehicles

Seonghee Lee, Nicholas Britten, Avram Block, Aryaman Pandya, Malte F Jung, Paul Schmitt

Multisensory Evaluation of Human-Robot Interaction in Retail Stores – The Effect of Mobile Cobots on Individuals’ Physical and Neurophysiological Responses

Yue Luo, Yuhao Chen, Boyi Hu

Cat-E: A Social Robot Guiding Children’s Activities with AI Art Generator

Pooja Malvi, Hee Rin Lee

What does it mean to anthropomorphize robots? Food for thought for HRI research

Samia Cornelius Bhatti, Lionel Peter Robert

“Sorry” Says the Robot: The Tendency to Anthropomorphize and Technology Affinity Affect Trust in Repair Strategies after Error

Johannes Maria Kraus, Julia Merger, Felix Gröner, Jessica Pätz

Mixed Reality-based Exergames for Upper Limb Robotic Rehabilitation

Nadia Vanessa Garcia Hernandez, Stefano Buccelli, Matteo Laffranchi, Lorenzo De Michieli

Body Gesture Recognition to Control a Social Mobile Robot

Javier Laplaza, Ramon Romero, Alberto Sanfeliu, Anais Garrell

Co-design of a Social Robot for Distraction in the Paediatric Emergency Department

Mary Ellen Foster, Patricia Candelaria, Lauren J Dwyer, Summer Hudson, Alan Lindsay, Fareha Nishat, Mykelle Pacquing, Ronald P. A. Petrick, Andres Alberto Ramirez Duque, Jennifer Stinson, Frauke Zeller, Samina Ali

Utilizing Prior Knowledge to Improve Automatic Speech Recognition in Human-Robot Interactive Scenarios

Pradip Pramanick, Chayan Sarkar

Chaos to Control: Human Assisted Scene Inspection

Ayesha Jena, Elin Anna Topp

Hey Robot, Can You Help Me Feel Less Lonely?

Aike C. Horstmann

Towards Online Adaptation for Autonomous Household Assistants

Benjamin A. Newman, Christopher Jason Paxton, Kris Kitani, Henny Admoni

What Skin Is Your Robot In? Co-Design of a Personalizable Robot for People Living with Depression

Sawyer Collins, Daniel Hicks, Zachary Henkel, Kenna Baugus Henkel, Jennifer A. Piatt, Cindy L. Bethel, Selma Sabanovic

Towards a Computational Approach for Proactive Robot Behaviour in Assistive Tasks

Ilenia Cucciniello, Antonio Andriella, Silvia Rossi

L2 Vocabulary Learning Through Lexical Inferencing Stories With a Social Robot

Hoi Ki Tang, Matthijs Smakman, Mirjam De Haas, Rianne Van Den Berghe

Collaboration with Highly Automated Vehicles via Voice Interaction and Augmented Reality: A VR-Based Study

Johan Fagerlönn, Yanqing Zhang, Lina Orrell, Hanna Rönntoft

Human Gesture Recognition with a Flow-based Model for Human Robot Interaction

Lanmiao Liu, Chuang Yu, Siyang Song, Zhidong Su, Adriana Tapus

Understanding Differences in Human-Robot Teaming Dynamics between Deaf/Hard of Hearing and Hearing Individuals

A’Di Dust, Carola Gonzalez-Lebron, Shannon Connell, Saurav Singh, Reynold Bailey, Cecilia Ovesdotter Alm, Jamison Heard

Perception-Intention-Action Cycle as a Human Acceptable Way for Improving Human-Robot Collaborative Tasks

J. E. Domínguez-Vidal, Nicolás Rodríguez, Alberto Sanfeliu

Comparison of attitudes towards robots of different population samples in Norway

Marten Bloch, Alexandra Fernandes

Evaluating Kinect, OpenPose and BlazePose for Human Body Movement Analysis on a Low Back Pain Physical Rehabilitation Dataset

Aleksa Marusic, Sao Mai Nguyen, Adriana Tapus

Out of Sight, Out of Mind? Investigating People’s Assumptions About Object Permanence in Self-Driving Cars

Sam Thellman, Aksel Holmgren, Max Pettersson, Tom Ziemke

In the Eyes of the Beheld: Do People Think That Self-Driving Cars See What Human Drivers See?

Sam Thellman, Max Pettersson, Aksel Holmgren, Tom Ziemke

Lessons from a robot asking for directions in-the-wild

Claire Liang, Andy Elliot Ricci, Malte F Jung, Hadas Kress-Gazit

Social Robots to Encourage Play for Children with Disabilities: Learning Perceived Requirements and Barriers from Family Units

Raquel Thiessen, Minoo Dabiri, Denise Y. Geiskkovitch, Jacquie Ripat, James Everett Young

Towards Improved Replicability of Human Studies in Human-Robot Interaction: Recommendations for Formalized Reporting

Shelly Bagchi, Patrick Holthaus, Gloria Beraldo, Emmanuel Senft, Daniel Hernandez Garcia, Zhao Han, Suresh Kumaar Jayaraman, Alessandra Rossi, Connor Esterwood, Antonio Andriella, Paul Pridham

TIP: A Trust Inference and Propagation Model in Multi-Human Multi-Robot Teams

Yaohui Guo, X. Jessie Yang, Cong Shi

More Than a Number: A Multi-dimensional Framework For Automatically Assessing Human Teleoperation Skill

Emily Jensen, Bradley Hayes, Sriram Sankaranarayanan

M-OAT Shared Meta-Model Framework for Effective Collaborative Human-Autonomy Teaming

Audrey L. Aldridge, Cindy L. Bethel

An Expressive Robotic Table to Enhance Social Interactions

Jonte Herben, Elin Högman Möller, Johanna Penner, Kevin Pham, Max Viklund, Sjoerd Hendriks, Mohammad Obaid

Human-Drone Interaction: Interacting with People Smoking in Prohibited Areas

Yermakhan Kassym, Saparkhan Kassymbekov, Kamila Zhumakhanova, Anara Sandygulova

Montessori-based Design of Long-term Child-Robot Interaction for Alphabet Learning

Nurziya Oralbayeva, Aida Amirova, Zhansaule Telisheva, Aida Zhanatkyzy, Arna Aimysheva, Anara Sandygulova

Ikigai Robots: Designing for Direct Benefits to Older Adults and Indirect Benefits to Caregivers

Natasha Randall, Waki Kamino, Arinah Karim, Wei-Chu Chen, Long-Jing Hsu, Katherine M. Tsui, Selma Šabanović

Robot-Assisted Word-to-Picture Matching Game for Language Learning

Ilyas Issa, Symbat Nurgazy, Maksat Madeniyetov, Anara Sandygulova

Technical Transparency for Robot Navigation through AR Visualizations

Leonie Dyck, Helen Beierling, Robin Helmert, Anna-Lisa Vollmer

A Controllable and Repeatable Method to Study Perceptual and Motor Adaptation in Human-Robot Interaction

Matilde Antonj, Joshua Zonca, Francesco Rea, Alessandra Sciutti