Social Activities

HRI 2021 has multiple virtual events planned throughout the week. Please see the HRI schedule for event timings. A conference long BINGO card contest will take place, where the card is displayed below. Email the social chairs once you get BINGO!

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Coffee Break

We will be using the Hopin’s random matchmaking for randomly pairing individuals for one-on-one conversations. Please find the link coffee break link on the left side of Hopin to be randomly paired with another attendee.

Lunch Event Themed Rooms

We have persistent social themed hangout rooms (Social Lounges) for people to meet and mingle on Hopin. These rooms range from fun hobby topics (e.g., music) to professional topics (e.g., Human Studies).

Evening Social Events

Welcome to the planned HRI social evening events!! Before you participate, please fill out this form asking for consent to be recorded during the event. Each event has its own meeting information, posted on Hopin.

Day 1 – March 09


17:10 MT


Students have 30 seconds to pitch their research topic to a panel of judges. This is a great way to get some feedback on dissertation topics, job talk topics, and tell people about the cool things you have been doing!


  • Dungeons and Dragons Live Stream

Come watch other researchers play DnD Live!!


  • JackBox Games

Bring out your phones to play fun and wacky games against each other!

Day 2 – March 10


17:10 MT


  • Robotics Trivia

Do you think you are up to snuff on all of the current robots in pop culture? If so, compete against other teams to be crowned the trivia master!


  • Karaoke

A HRI tradition will continue with live virtual Karaoke! 


Social Activities Chairs

Matthew Gombolay (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)
Jamison Heard (Rochester Institute of Technology, USA)