Things to do in Cambridge

Cambridge offers something for everyone – galleries, museums, theatres and festivals all year round. There are plenty of opportunities such as walking tours, college tours, punting and picnics to take in the beauty of the place.  To find out what’s on and for easy booking of tickets for various activities please refer to the official Visit Cambridge webpage.

Practical information

  • Currency – Pound sterling
  • Payment modes – Electronic modes of payments such as Credit/debit cards, Apple/Google pay are widely accepted. You may need cash in some food courts or flea markets. Also note that the contactless payments are accepted only up to £30 after which the transactions are pin-based.
  • ATMs (usually called ‘cash machines’ in England) are available throughout Cambridge. The most definite way to find them is in a convenience store or a supermarket. Cash withdrawals from some ATMs may be subject to a small charge, but most are free. Do check on the machine to make sure.
  • You can check the details about the power plugs and sockets here. It’s a good idea to have an adaptor handy if you need one.  
  • Tap water is safe for drinking. You can also fill your water bottles for free at railway stations and cafes/restaurants.

Emergency Contacts

  • EU-wide emergency number (police, ambulance, fire brigade): 112
  • UK emergency number (police, ambulance, fire brigade, coastguard): 999
  • NHS for medical emergencies: 111