1. Student Design Competition
1.1. First Prize
1.2. Second Prize
1.3. Delegates’ Choice
2. Best Video Award
3. Best Demonstration Award
4. Late Breaking Reports Awards
4.1. First Prize
4.2. Second Prize
4.3. Third Prize
5. Full Paper Awards
5.1. Best Full Paper Award: HRI User Studies
5.2. Best Full Paper Award: Technical Advances in HRI
5.3. Best Full Paper Award: HRI Design
5.4. Best Full Paper Award: Theory and Methods in HRI

1. Student Design Competition

1.1. First Prize

Shelly, a Tortoise-Like Robot for One-to-Many Interaction with Children (page 353)

Hyunjin Ku
Jason Jangho Choi
Soomin Lee
Sunho Jang
Wonkyung Do

1.2. Second Prize

MindScribe: Reflective Inquiry through Scaffolded Storytelling for Low-Income and Multilingual Early Childhood Communities (page 345)

Layne Jackson Hubbard
Chen Hao Cheng
Boskin Erkocevic
Dylan Cassady
Andrea Chamorro

1.3. Delegates’ Choice

Note: Two submissions shared this year’s SDC Delegates’ Choice award.

LetterMoose: A Handwriting Tutor Robot (page 355)

Fredrik Lofgren
Sofia Thunberg
Sam Thellman

EXGbuds: Universal Wearable Assistive Device for Disabled People to Interact with the Environment Seamlessly (page 369)

Ker-Jiun Wang
Prakash Thakur
Hsiao-Wei Tun
Zihang Huang
Zhi-Hong Mao

2. Best Video Award

Social Relationship Development between Human and Robot through Real-time Face Identification and Emotional Interaction (page 379)

Wonhyong Lee
Jong-Hwan Kim

3. Best Demonstration Award

Buddy: A Companion Robot for the Whole Family (page 40)

Gregoire Milliez

4. Late Breaking Report Awards

4.1. First Prize

Exploring Cross-cultural Differences in Persuasive Robotics (page 185)

Anara Sandygulova

4.2. Second Prize

Social Assistive Robot for Cardiac Rehabilitation: A Pilot Study with Patients with Angioplasty (page 79)

Jonathan Casas
Bahar Irfan
Emmanuel Senft
Luisa Gutiérrez
Monica Rincon-Roncancio
Marcela Munera
Tony Belpaeme
Carlos Cifuentes

4.3. Third Prize

Trust in AV: An Uncertainty Reduction Model of AV-Pedestrian Interactions (page 133)

Suresh Kumaar Jayaraman
Chandler Creech
Lionel Peter Robert
Dawn Tilbury
Xi(Jessie) Yang, Anuj Pradhan
Kate Tsui

5. Full Paper Awards

5.1. Best Paper Award: HRI User Studies

Fribo: A Social Networking Robot for Increasing Social Connectedness through Sharing Daily Home Activities from Living Noise Data (page 114)

Kwangmin Jeong
Jihyun Sung
Hae-Sung Lee
Aram Kim
Hyemi Kim
Chan Mi Park
Yuin Jeong
JeeHang Lee
Jinwoo Kim

5.2. Best Paper Award: Technical Advances in HRI

An Autonomous Dynamic Camera Method for Effective Remote Teleoperation (page 325)

Daniel Rakita
Bilge Mutlu
Michael Gleicher

5.3. Best Paper Award: HRI Design

Communicating Robot Motion Intent with Augmented Reality (page 316)

Michael Walker
Hooman Hedayati
Jennifer Lee
Daniel Szafir

5.4. Best Paper Award: Theory and Methods in HRI

Social Robots for Engagement in Rehabilitative Therapies: Design Implications from a Study with Therapists (page 289)

Katie Winkle
Praminda Caleb-Solly
Ailie Turton
Paul Bremner