Boston Commons

Welcome to Boston!

USS Constitution

The Boston area is home to over 4 million people, 100 colleges and universities, and many wonderful sites to see and activities to do. The city is bordered by Boston harbor (and the Atlantic Ocean) to the east, includes the Charles River, which runs through the city and ends in the Harbor, and its neighboring cities and towns which include Cambridge, MA where MIT and Harvard are located.

You can catch the T, our local subway line, from the conference hotel, and head into downtown Boston, or change lines and head to Cambridge.

Skiing in New Hampshire

Want to do some skiing? March is not too late. We have two states just to the north where there is plenty of skiing that will challenge you even if you ski in the US Rockies or the Alps of Europe because our ski conditions vary a lot! If you are a beginner, there are plenty of slopes for you and plenty of staff to teach you. Ski the White Mountains of New Hampshire, with slopes from 2 to 3 hours away OR ski the Green Mountains (except in winter, when they are white) of Vermont, with slopes 3-4 hours away.

Portland, Maine

To see more of the coast of New England, drive a car or take the bus to Cape Cod, a very large island that is about 1.5 hours, south of Boston. Even in March it’s a wonderful place!

You can also take a trip to Portland, Maine, a small city that also borders the Atlantic Ocean, and is the closest part of the very large state of Maine. Maine is synonymous with nature, beauty and a relaxed state of mind for many of us Bostonians. Go via train or bus, about 1.5 hours north of Boston. You can also ski in Maine, but it’s a bit further to go to the slopes.

So we hope you will plan to come before the conference or stay a bit after and enjoy the Greater Boston area!