1st Annual Conference on Human-Robot Interaction

March 2-3, 2006
Salt Lake City, Utah, USA
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The 2006 Conference on Human-Robot Interaction is the inaugural event in an annual conference dedicated to human and robot interaction (HRI). During the last several years, HRI researchers have been holding meetings in tracks of other more general conferences. However, because the HRI community has increased in size and because the techniques of this emerging discipline are varied, it is now important to provide a dedicated venue that allows HRI researchers to interact with and to receive high quality reviews from fellow specialists. The theme of HRI 06, Robots effectively serving humans, highlights the importance of creating robot capabilities and interfaces that address human concerns such as social appropriateness, safety, and quality of service. This inaugural annual event will be held in March 2006 in Salt Lake City during the beautiful spring ski season.

Scope of the Conference

  • User evaluations
  • HRI metrics
  • HRI applications
  • HRI foundations
  • Case studies
  • Multi-modal interaction
  • Adjustable autonomy
  • Human-Robot Dialog

  • Interface and autonomy design
  • HRI for heterogeneous team
  • Cognitive modeling and science in HRI
  • Assistive robotics
  • Human-guided learning
  • Mixed-guided learning
  • Mixed-initiative interaction
  • Work practice studies

Who Should Attend

Researchers in robotics, human-factors, ergonomics, and human-computer interaction are invited to attend. Because human-robot interaction is inherently inter-disciplinary, the conference is seeking papers from several disciplines. A primary goal of the conference is to create a common venue for a broad set of researchers. By appealing to a broad set of researchers, the conference complements many existing venues.

The conference will provide high quality reviews to full papers and will allow presentation of emerging research through a poster session.