Vol 2, No 1 (2013)

HRI System Studies

Table of Contents

Introduction to the Special Issue on HRI System Studies PDF
Takayuki Kanda, Tony Belpaeme 1-3
Controlling Social Dynamics with a Parametrized Model of Floor Regulation PDF
Crystal Chao, Andrea Lockerd Thomaz 4-29
ACT-R/E: An Embodied Cognitive Architecture for Human-Robot Interaction PDF
Greg Trafton, Laura Hiatt, Anthony Harrison, Frank Tamborello, Sangeet Khemlani, Alan Schultz 30-55
A User Study on Kinesthetic Teaching of Redundant Robots in Task and Configuration Space PDF
Sebastian Wrede, Christian Emmerich, Ricarda Gr├╝nberg, Arne Nordmann, Agnes Swadzba, Jochen Steil 56-81
Crowdsourcing Human-Robot Interaction: New Methods and System Evaluation in a Public Environment PDF
Cynthia Breazeal, Nick DePalma, Jeff Orkin, Sonia Chernova, Malte Jung 82-111
Towards Seamless Human-Robot Handovers PDF
Kyle Wayne Strabala, Min Kyung Lee, Anca Diana Dragan, Jodi Lee Forlizzi, Siddhartha Srinivasa, Maya Cakmak, Vincenzo Micelli 112-132
A Gesture-Centric Android System for Multi-Party Human-Robot Interaction PDF Movie (mp4)
Yutaka Kondo, Kentaro Takemura, Jun Takamatsu, Tsukasa Ogasawara 133-151
Meal-Time with a Socially Assistive Robot and Older Adults at a Long-term Care Facility PDF
Derek McColl, Goldie Nejat 152-171

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