Introduction to the Special Issue on HRI System Studies

Takayuki Kanda, Tony Belpaeme


Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) systems are often realized through a complex integration of relevant state-of-the-art algorithms, low-level software and robotic hardware. As such, advances in techniques and approaches for integrating components into a robotic system are essential to advance the field. To develop such techniques and systems requires one to address real-world challenges, particularly those arising from the complex nature of human-robot interaction embedded in a dynamic social and/or task environment. This special issue focuses on the concept of “systems”, highlighting the importance of building actual HRI systems to validate and drive the science and technology in the field.

This special issue is also unique, in that the authors of all papers will present their work at the 8th ACM/IEEE International Conference on Human-Robot Interaction in Tokyo, Japan. With this initiative we wish to draw attention to the systems approach to HRI, a perhaps underrepresented topic in the large and diverse HRI community.

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