: Special JHRI Area: Gems from the Past

This track is seeking to address two trends in the community. First, there is a tendency among young researchers to cite only papers from the last two decades or those that are easily found by Google Scholar or similar search engines. Second, there are classic papers that are still highly relevant to the community and that still shape the way research is (or should be) done in the community. For example, an HRI researcher recently quipped that he had never written a paper on an idea that Thomas Sheridan didn't think about first.

Papers submitted to this special track should focus on a single paper or a set of papers from a single author or authoring group. Papers will be reviewed for relevance to the HRI community and should address a subset of the following issues:

* What are the key ideas from the papers that are important to HRI today?

* Why are these ideas relevant to current HRI research?

* How are the ideas applicable to HRI today, and is there work that "reinvents" these ideas?

* How could HRI research be improved if attention was better paid to these papers or, in other words, what is HRI research not doing that should be done?

* How does current technology impact the relevance of the ideas presented in the paper, and how does the current state of the field differ from what was known when the paper was originally written?

We intend that these gems be available in digital form from some current archive, but if not, then the Journal of Human-Robot Interaction will seek permission to include a reprint of the gem in the journal's archive. Papers should be written for a general HRI audience and should aim to be research reports (up to 4000 words).

ISSN: 2163-0364