Journal History

Founded by Sara Kiesler of Carnegie Mellon University and Michael A. Goodrich of Brigham Young University, the Journal of Human-Robot Interaction (JHRI) aims to be the leading peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal of human-robot interaction, which broadly covers how people interact with robots and robotic technologies, how to improve these interactions and make new kinds of interaction possible, and the effects of such interactions on people and society.

JHRI encourages submission of papers from all fields including robotics, computer science, engineering, design, and the behavioral and social sciences. Preference will be given to articles that contribute to the state of the art or general knowledge, that have broad interest, and that are written to be intelligible to a wide range of audiences. All articles must achieve high standards of scholarship.

JHRI is an open access (OA) journal, supporting free and unrestricted access to research information on the Web. This publishing model is becoming increasingly popular among researchers, who have learned that open access articles are more visible and more frequently cited than articles published in obscure subscription-based journals.


ISSN: 2163-0364