Since 2015, the HRI Conference full papers track follows a double-blind review process, requiring authors to prepare an anonymized submission.

To prepare an anonymized submission, authors are expected to remove author and institutional identities from the cover page, the acknowledgements section, and the PDF meta-data. Institution information should also be removed from the body of the text. For instance, use “…participants were recruited from a university campus” instead of “…participants were recruited from .” Additionally, we recommend removing marks that identify institutional affiliation from images and supplementary videos (e.g., institutional attire, logos) as much as possible. However, pictures of robots used and study setup, in general, do not need to be anonymized, even if the robot uniquely identifies your group.

However, we ask that authors leave citations to their prior work un-anonymized in order to provide a more comprehensive review of prior work including the authors’ own research. Authors citing their own prior work should discuss it in the third person. For instance, use “Prior work by [6]…” instead of “Our prior work [6]…”

The checklist below summarizes the anonymization procedure.

Author checklist for anonymizing submissions

  1. Remove author and institution information from the cover page as well as from acknowledgements section
  2. Clear meta-data in word processor or PDF viewer/editor
  3. Replace institution information in the body of the text with generic identifiers
  4. Use third person for citations to own work
  5. Remove marks for institutional affiliation from images and supplementary materials (as much as possible)