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Regular Session #8

Evaluating Effects of User Experience and System Transparency on Trust in Automation Xi Yang, Vaibhav Unhelkar, Julie Shah Existing research assessing human operators’ trust in automation and robots has primarily… Read more »

Regular Session #7

Probing the design space of a telepresence robot gesture arm with low fidelity prototypes Patrik Björnfot, Victor Kaptelinin The general problem addressed in this paper is supporting a more efficient… Read more »

Regular Session #6

Human-Robot Mutual Adaptation in Shared Autonomy Stefanos Nikolaidis, Yu Xiang Zhu, David Hsu, Siddhartha Srinivasa In shared autonomy, user inputs and robot autonomy are combined to control a robot to… Read more »

Regular Session #5

Marionette: Enabling On-Road Wizard-of-Oz Autonomous Driving Studies Peter Wang, Srinath Sibi, Brian Mok, Wendy Ju There is a growing need to study the interactions between drivers and their increasingly autonomous… Read more »

Regular Session #4

Do Sensory Preferences of Children with Autism Impact an Imitation Task with a Robot? Pauline Chevalier, Gennaro Raiola, Brice Isableu, Jean-Claude Martin, Christophe Bazile, Adriana Tapus In this paper, we… Read more »

Regular Session #3

Cellulo: Versatile Handheld Robots for Education Ayberk Özgür, Séverin Lemaignan, Wafa Johal, Maria Beltran, Manon Briod, Léa Pereyre, Francesco Mondada, Pierre Dillenbourg In this article, we present Cellulo, a novel… Read more »

Regular Session #2

Persistent Lexical Entrainment in HRI Jürgen Brandstetter, Eduardo Sandoval, Clay Beckner, Christoph Bartneck In this study, we set out to ask three questions. First, does lexical entrainment with a robot… Read more »

Regular Session #1

Expressing Emotions through Color, Sound, and Vibration with an Appearance-Constrained Social Robot Sichao Song, Seiji Yamada Many researchers are now dedicating their efforts to studying interactive modalities such as facial… Read more »

Keynote Dr Danica Kragic

Acting, Interacting, Collaborative Robots Dr Danica Kragic, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Centre for Autonomous Systems, Stockholm, Sweden, Abstract The current trend in computer vision is development of data-driven approaches… Read more »

Keynote Dr Lucia Jacobs

Of Space and Smell: The Strange Evolution of the Human Nose Dr. Lucia Jacobs, University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, California Abstract We humans are the Cyrano de Bergerac’s of the primate world,… Read more »