EPFL Lab Tours

A number of labs on the EPFL campus will be offering tours during the conference (see list below). Attendees are asked to register for the tours by the early registration deadline (Jan 31, 2011) through the main conference registration system.

Chair in Non-invasive Brain-machine Interface (CNBI), lead by Prof. José del R. Millán
Research on the direct use of human brain signals to control devices and interact with our environment.

Laboratory of Intelligent Systems (LIS), lead by Prof. Dario Floreano
Three interconnected research areas: design and development of autonomous robots, bioinspired artificial intelligence, and theoretical and experimental work with biological systems.

Learning Algorithms and Systems Laboratory (LASA), lead by Prof. Aude Billard
Research fields include: Learning and Dynamical Systems, Neural Computation and Modeling, Human-Machine Interaction, Humanoids Robotics, Mechatronics, Design of Therapeutic and Educational Devices.

MOBOTS group within the Laboratoire de Systems Robotiques (LSRO), lead by Dr. Francesco Mondada
System design for miniature autonomous mobile robots, based on strong competences in digital electronics and system integration.

Pedagogical Research and Support (CRAFT), hosted by Dr. Frédéric Kaplan
Robotic objects and human-robot ecologies, within the larger goal of contributing to the quality of the training with training actions, counseling, evaluation and faculty development of teachers.

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